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Top Six Professions That Need Self Storage

Many people tend to think of self storage only when they are in the process of moving or find themselves with a few extra items. However, there is a multitude of ways to use self storage and lots of people in various industries use it on a regular basis. Here are the top six people who use self storage to make things easier in their day-to-day lives:

• Pharmaceutical reps – Since this job entails a lot of traveling and taking items back and forth, pharmaceutical reps are some of the biggest consumers of self storage. These reps need a safe and secure place to store samples and self storage provides the best solution for this. Whenever pharmaceutical reps have to travel to different cities or states, having a self storage unit can help to take the hassle out of constantly lugging around large amounts of sample medication. A rep can easily store his items and just pull them from self storage as needed.

Interior decorators – A self storage unit is the perfect blank canvas for interior decorators. They can use a unit to arrange items and show customers exactly what they will be able to do. Interior decorators sometimes us self storage to design multiple rooms and then take pictures for a portfolio or showcase them to potential clients. In addition to using it as a viewing space, they can use it to store items needed throughout the interior decorating process.

Online sellers – Shopping online is increasingly popular and more and more persons are making a living selling items on sites such as eBay or Amazon. For people who sell dozens or even hundreds of items online, a place to store them is a necessity. A self storage unit provides a way to organize these items and take inventory. Online sellers value the convenience of having merchandise in one central location where it is easily accessible at all times.

• Antique furniture sellers – People in the antique business who do not have a store for themselves often look to self storage to fill the gap. Self storage facilities with enhanced security ensure that these valuable items are protected. Some facilities also offer 24-hour access to items which adds to the convenience. These sellers are able to access the furniture anytime they please so they are able to show it to potential buyers.

• Auction participants – Shows such as Auction Hunters and Storage Wars have led to an increase in self storage auctions. People who participate in these auctions and buy units find that they will soon need self storage to store the items they won.

Self storage , can be used for a wide range of purposes. People have been known to hold band practice or even exercise in storage units. Once you rent a self storage unit, the possibilities for use are endless. Just ensure that you are not storing any restricted items such as perishables or animals. Always check with the self storage facility before entering into a rental agreement to find out what may or may not be stored. No matter what your storage needs are, you can find a self storage unit with OMGStorage.


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River Fishing Expedition: What Not To Do

During my years as a canoe guide in the north Maine woods I found it hard to believe that any place on earth could be as peaceful, or as rewarding as a beautiful river (not to mention a beautiful river full of fish). Much of the work I did in Maine centered around fishing, or fishermen, as fly fishing is an extremely popular sport in the area. Though I could go on and on about the great times enjoyed by one and all on these fishing trips, this article is about what NOT to do on a river fishing expedition!

  • To start off, I’d advise not drinking, or at least staying away from the bottle as much as possible. I know drinking is a widely enjoyed activity, but drunkenness can be extremely destructive while in the wilderness. This is especially true when you’re on a boat, in the middle of a rushing river. Keep the bottles in a safe storage unit for later.

    • Never travel too quickly. It sounds like fun whipping around corners carelessly as your buddy trolls at the other end of the boat, but rivers carry many dangers that will “gobble you up” (for lack of better words) very quickly! I’ve often come across strainers on river trips, and I’d never want to be caught underneath one of those. A strainer is a fallen tree that blocks the pack of a river. These often result in injury, or even death. A strainer will pull you down, and possibly pin you to the river bottom, with a water filled canoe pressing you down, without any way to escape. The moral of the story is to go slowly, especially in winding parts of the river!

      • Don’t forget a PFD! A personal flotation device is a must have any time you’re on the river! Make sure to get a good one, and to check the coast guard rating for your PFD. I prefer a PFD that allows me to move my arms easily and freely as I cast and paddle.

        • Never go out when weather is questionable. Always check the weather reports before you hit the river! Even if the sky is clear and sunny, the weather could change in just moments. I’ve often seen terrible storms arise on days that start off peacefully. If there’s ever a risk that you may be stuck out on the river during a thunderstorm, the best thing to do is to stay on land. It may mean your trip is ruined, but it’s far better than getting struck by lightning.

Blog: Rick Gorton


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Recycle, Upcycle, and Reuse, Oh My!

Recycle, Upcycle, and Reuse, Oh My!

As a Junker, collector, antique hunter and artist, I feel that it is my responsibility, my duty, nay my obligation to Recycle – Upcycle –Repurpose and Reuse. Recycling is a great way to give back to our planet, but a new movement called Upycling could be the new Recycling. What Upcycling means is taking a discarded item and reusing it in such a way to create a higher purpose! One of my favorite Upcycles is a cheese grater that is spray painted and turned into a jewelry holder.


 This responsibility comes from not only my incredible love for the Earth and the World that we live in, but also because of these “Man Made” Facts:

Landfill decomposition rates:

Milk carton: 5 years

Plastic milk jug: 500 years

Aluminum can: 80 to 200 years

Plastic drinking bottles: hundreds of years

Plastic bags: hundreds of years

Cigarette butt: up to five years & leaches toxins into the ground

Newspaper: 2 to 4 weeks or longer

Glass bottles: tens of thousands of years

Styrofoam: no sign of ever breaking down

(figures from


We can no longer just sit idly by and let OUR junk, stuff, garbage, leftovers, trash, waste, litter (so many names!!) take over the Universe.  We MUST put on our Thinking Caps and look Outside the Box for solutions to control this mess!! We must find new ways to reuse, recycle, or Upcycle the items we think no longer have a purpose for in our lives! We have the opportunity to take items that are viewed as trash and Upcycle them in order to give these items a new life in your home!




We were Big Time Campers when we were kids.  The moment school let out for summer, my mom would have our household packed up inside our pop up camper and we would head for the shores of Lake Michigan.  We camped all summer long.  Our Canvas Cottage held some of the sweetest memories ever granted a child and we learned to respect and revere the world of Mother Nature.


Our first order of business before even unpopping the pop-up was to “Clean the Campground”.  We would scour our site for scraps of paper and cigarette butts, bottle caps and lost pennies.  We made sure that our summertime home was pristine and as close to nature as we could make it.  We gathered fallen sticks to make that evenings fire in the pit and we collected leaves and driftwood and shells to make “works of art” for our outdoor d├ęcor.  We were environmentalists from the beginning and learned how to Upcycle found objects into usable pieces in our life under the moon and trees. It was a chance for us to be creative and have the opportunity to Upcycle what others had discarded into a valuable treasure.


As we begin the second half of summer, the next few blogs will be about Upcycling the most basic of items; things we use and see every single day. It will also be items that you can find in a storage unit, which can be Upcycled instead of discarded! I want you to create, from these suggestions, your own Campsite full of Nature’s Artwork and reuse of our “throw-aways”.  Below is a video made by Coca-Cola, and it features all different Upcycle ideas with plastic bottles, take a second to watch the video!!



I have searched the Internet for the most interesting and simple ideas and their related sites.  There is an explosion of how to Upcycle anything that could be considered trash into new and unique items for your household. Below are a bunch of Upcycle ideas using plastic bottles. I have included a link to the website with the instructions on how to complete each Upcycle.  I would love it if you would share your ideas with us in the comments section!!!








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Mother Earth is the only Home we have and we MUST protect her and Honor her and, most importantly, Care For Her!!!

Until Next Time

Keep on Junkin’











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Reviewing Garage Storage Solutions: Different Types, Make Your Own, Overhead Garage Storage, Garden Tool Storage.

Finding the right type of garage storage solution can be difficult, and it can leave you with a mess in your garage or a lot of different types of storage that make the place look just as untidy as before. For a great storage system that is guaranteed to make a huge difference to your garage, I can recommend the UltiMate garage storage system that comes with 10 different units. It is quite expensive and is sold for just over $1,700 but you end up with a great looking storage unit that has so much room you might be hard pressed to find enough tools etc. to fill it. You do have to assemble the unit yourself which could take some time, so you may need someone else’s assistance, but once you have the storage you need you will be pleased with your effort.

The Inter-lock three shelf storage system that includes 3 shelves and 1 large and 1 small cabinet is much cheaper than the UltiMate garage storage system, it is smaller but it can hold a lot of tools and more so you can have a tidier garage that also has a clean and modern look. At a cost of about $390, these units are a lot easier to assemble because they interlock, so the screws and nails you usually have to deal with when you’re building storage systems are non-existent, and it makes the whole unit pretty strong too.

Make you own garage storage solutions

if you need some ideas about constructing your own storage systems then you don’t need to be an expert, you can make garage storage solutions yourself and if you need a bit of inspiration and help then this site might be able to give you what you need. It can help to give you some great ideas, and if you think that it all looks a bit too complicated or that you may not have the time then do not worry, it can help you decide what storage solutions you would like. Remember that it’s important to have a tidy and safe garage and if this means you have to pay cash to get it that way, that’s fine, especially if you end up very happy with the way it looks. is a pretty good website, it comes up with some quite novel storage solutions that you may not have thought about before and it tells you a bit about how the storage systems work, what they do and how strong they are. If you are still looking for ideas then this could be the site that helps you.

Types of garage storage solutions

There are a lot of different types of garage storage solutions and they can all be found right here this website is quite good because it goes into good detail about the specific types of storage you can get and it may help to inspire you if you are a bit stuck for ideas. You may just be thinking about different shelving units and cupboards but you can also find storage systems for bicycles and overhead storage systems too, which can save you even more space. is a good website to check out too, and it goes into quite a bit of detail that may prove to be handy. You should be prepared to be reading for a while as the site seems to go into every aspect of storage, but again, if you are short of ideas, then it’s worth reading it.

Overhead garage storage

Earlier I talked very briefly about overhead garage storage systems, and how they can save a lot of room. If this is an idea that appeals to you then the MonsterRAX overhead garage storage rack, could interest you. For approximately $250 you get a very strong system that can hold up to 600 pounds in weight, and you also have the opportunity to vary the drop, from 18 inches to 33 inches, depending on the amount of room you have spare. Storing something overhead means the material that holds your goods needs to be string and this storage rack is just that, made from industrial strength steel, you can be sure that whatever you store is safe and secure.

For a cheaper solution, the Hammertone 45 inch by 45 inch overhead storage system can work well for you at just $60. It can hold 250 pounds in weight and is made of steel wire that has been powder coated to give it extra strength and versatility. If you want to get the things that you store down easily, then you should think about putting the two shorter bars that come with the system, at the bottom, that way your things are easier to reach. You also need to make sure that you don’t over-tighten the screws as this could cause problems; you just need to find a happy medium and make sure the unit is tight enough, without in damaging the bars, while being strong enough to hold the things you store.

Garden tool storage

If you’re a bit of a gardener then you may be thinking about some garden tool storage, the Rubbermaid deluxe tool tower rack is a particularly good system and it even comes on casters so you can wheel it around if needs be. Holding up to forty tools, this rack can save you a lot of room. You may wonder if this tower rack is strong enough to hold that many tools and I can assure you it is and that the casters make it easy to maneuver around too. At just under $50, you will get a great deal for your money.

The Holeyrail Garage Organizer is excellent if you want to hang your tools up on the wall, not only is this a great way to keep your garage tidy, but it saves a lot of room too. With the capacity to hold up to 600 pounds in weight and a very easy installation process, this organizer is affordable (Sold for about $25) and easy to use, both indoors and out. You should be aware that the required ‘Pegs’ to build this system are not always included with the product, and you may have to buy them separately, so it’s always worth asking if they come with the Holeyrail Garage Organizer that you’re thinking of purchasing.


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Dado Blade Reviews: Inch stacking, Grizzly Dado Blades, Tools and Prices

If you like to work with wood and you’re looking for a good finish to your pieces, then you will need a Dado blade that is going to help you get the results you need. The Freud 8 inch professional dado is a very popular blade that can give you pretty accurate results, this blade can almost guarantee you that splinters will be a thing of the past and its spacers, chippers, steel shims and outside blades work hard for you and ensure you get no or very little kickback. There have been a few disappointments with this blade and some customers have said you cannot get a smooth finish using this tool, but the majority of them are pleased with their purchase and consider paying anything up to $153 for it, value for money.

The Vermont American 7 inch Adjustable Dado is a cheaper option for you, it is however just a single blade that can cut anything from 3/16 of an inch to 3/16 of an inch in depth. This circular saw blade has a lifetime guarantee and is sold by one of the best blade manufacturers around. This blade however is not suited for professional jobs so if you’re looking to make something that is of a high standard, you may need to look elsewhere. However, it is perfect it you’re looking to make something to be used in the home and can prove to be very reliable.

The well-known Grizzly dado blade

The Grizzly make of dado blades are a well-known and much respected brand, if you only want to use a Grizzly dado blade then you will be pleased to know you can find a huge range of them right here. The prices range from $31.95 for a 7 inch 16t wobble dado set to $399.95 for a Dado king 12 inch bore, and there are many products on offer in-between the range. This online store is a particularly good one and you can easily find a huge range of Grizzly Dado blades for sale here, amongst a vast array of other items that are made by the same manufacturer. do a good few reviews about Grizzly Dado blades and they can really help you to get a good idea about a blade that you’ve been thinking of buying for a while. Although this site is not updated very often, you can still find some useful information here about a brand that of blades that is well respected. Plus the site also gives you the chance to make up your own mind, particularly if you have seen a mixture of good and bad reviews.

What about an inch stacking dado blade?

If you are looking to get a great quality cut and finish, but you don’t want to pay the price that some companies are asking for, then the Oshlun 8 inch 42 tooth stack Dado set might be just what you need. This blade will give you a lot less vibration than some other blades and it also has the ability to cut from ¼ of an inch to 29/32 inches when you’re working on a smooth bottom dado. Although the case and the box it comes in leaves a lot to be desired, you do get a great quality blade for about $120, or less, depending on where you shop.

For a very high quality blade that guarantees you excellence every time, the Freud Super 8 Inch Stack that comes with an anti-kickback design, might be worth you shelling out up to $340. This blade lets you cut many different types of wood while letting to cut from ¼ of an inch width to 29/32 inches. The blades have 24 teeth and 5/8 of an inch arbor that can guarantee you will have an end result that is splinter-free. Granted, this is a pricey blade, but it’s one that can give you the quality that you need and many years of efficient service and reliability.

Dado blade tools

You need to look after your Dado blade, and there are a lot of Dado blade tools that will let you do just that, the Proxxon Dado Head Set comes with a guard and a 2 inch blade that allows you to do the smaller jobs such as cutting into picture frames and drawers. Sold for approximately $72, this is quite a useful tool that will cut up to 5/64 of an inch for you, and could prove to be a handy tool to have around the workshop.

The Bosch Dado Insert is specifically made for the 10 inch table saw and is idea for stacks and rabbet cutters. It is sold for about $18 and is not a bad product for its price. The instruction book tends to be a bit lacking and fails to tell you that you need to make sure the blade is raised before you change it, otherwise you may have problems. Once you get to use the dado insert, you should not have any problems and you will have a piece of equipment that proves to be quite reliable.

Help with a dado blade setup

If you are as yet unsure as to how to do a dado blade set up then this website will show you how. This is quite a good guide because it takes you through every step and it’s all explained in an easy-to-read way that helps those who are new to dado blades to understand. This site also tells you how to take care of your blades and is full of a lot of useful bits of advice that will help you learn all you need to know about this very flexible tool.

If you still want to find out a bit more about Dado blades and you’re happy to use a forum where people can post their answers to your questions, then I can recommend This site is frequently updated as there are people asking questions every week, so you may be able to find an answer to your query right away.

Dado blade prices

There is a huge variety of Dado blades on the market these days, and it can make things difficult when you are presented with such a choice. This website compares different blades for you and will give you a good idea about what you can use for the job in hand. Plus it may be able to give you a few ideas about the websites and shops that can save you a bit of cash, helping you to get the right blade, for a lower price.


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Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Groupon

Since its launch in November 2008, Groupon has managed to sell over 7 million online coupons in 70 cities. This has been a pretty impressive feat for a company less than five years old. The company’s success hasn’t gone unnoticed and several competitors have launched since. However, Groupon has stayed true to one basic tenet for staying in the lead – the commitment to excellent customer service. Even if coupons and discounts aren’t a major part of your self storage marketing strategy, there are few things you can learn from Groupon:

  • Highlight the fine print – By making all terms and conditions for self storage facility’s rentals plain and clear, you’ll minimize the risk of anger and disappointment by customers. If you are offering a unit special, clearly outline how customers can qualify and what criteria are necessary to participate in the special.

  • Offer a money-back guarantee – While the possibility of dishonest customers might cause you to think twice about this, you can follow Groupon’s philosophy which has served it well. The company believes that its generous approach to refunds builds trust among its honest clientele. This approach has worked since only a small percentage of its customers request a refund. Stipulate a time period, along with restrictions and conditions, during which customers can get a refund if they are not satisfied with the unit.

  • Institute a rating system – The best advice on areas that need improvement will come from customers who have used your self storage facility. Allow your customers to rate their experience with your business and take feedback seriously when implementing new marketing initiatives.

Transparent and customer service oriented policies can help to distinguish your self storage business from the competition and also create loyal and repeat customers.


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New Self Storage Tenant-Insurance Bills Introduced in Kentucky and Maryland

The gray area concerning self storage insurance in Kentucky and Maryland is finally being addressed with the introduction of legislation to clarify the ability of self storage operators to offer tenant insurance to renters. Presently, self storage operators would have to obtain a license to distribute promotional information, such as brochures and flyers, on behalf of insurance companies. Bills proposed in both states would enable self storage business owners to act as agents of qualified insurance providers and offer limited-lines programs. These bills are similar to other measures currently being lobbied for by various industry associations and the national Self Storage Association.

House Bill 603 in Maryland states that its purpose is to require “the Maryland Insurance Commissioner to issue a limited lines license as a self–service storage agent to an owner or operator of a self–service storage facility who meets certain requirements…” The bill further goes on the describe what these requirements would be and how self storage facility owners would be able to obtain the limited lines license.

Self storage owners and operators would have to undergo a training program that would be sanctioned by the commissioner. After completing the training and obtaining the license, each person would be able to offer self storage insurance at multiple facilities in the state. If this bill ends up passing, it would go into effect on July 1 and self storage operators and employees would not need a license if they are simply handing out brochures and other promotional material.

House Bill 357 in Kentucky has similar stipulation to Maryland’s bill. It states as its purpose to “amend KRS 304.9-230 to create a self-storage space insurance limited line of authority for an agent's license; create a new section of Subtitle 9 of KRS Chapter 304 to define terms relating to self-service storage space insurance…” Once self storage employees satisfy similar requirements to the ones laid out in Maryland, they will then be able to offer tenant insurance as long as they clearly identify the insurance provider on related materials.

Both the Maryland and Kentucky bills include a provision that there customers need to be informed that the insurance coverage being provided may be a duplicate of what they already have. If tenant’s are required to have insurance as a conditional requirement, then they are able to satisfy that requirement by showing proof of additional coverage or purchasing the insurance offered by the self storage facility.

The proposition of these two bills comes less than a year after Oregon’s governor John Kitzhaber signed a tenant-insurance bill that allowed licensed self storage operators in the state to sell tenant insurance to customers. At least 14 other states were estimated to also be making progress towards updating self storage regulations.


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Successful Property Management

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There are property managers over many different businesses. You will find that someone is in charge of making sure the every day operation of the facility is top notch. Many people want to be in charge but they do not want the responsibility that is assigned to such a duty. They want the power and the money but do not want to deal with the responsibility of actually taking care of the issue at hand. If this is what you are expecting then there is no reason for you to be a property manager.
Over the property manager you will see an owner. The owner will make sure that their properties are running well. They want to ensure their property managers are running their facilities the way that was previously discussed and laid out. If something is different than the original plan, they would like to know why the property manager decided to go in that direction. These owners want to put someone in charge that is able to handle the business as well as any issue that could arise. The first or second sign that a property manager is not measuring up to expectations, they will certainly look for a replacement.
As a property manager you do have a lot of freedom to do as you wish with the business in terms of bring new customers in and ensuring they are taken care of. You also have a set of rules that you need to follow to ensure that the daily operation is running smoothly. Take your time as a property manager seriously because it is a great job to have if you can handle it. If you have great communication with the owner and a great understanding they will typically not bother you much. This is of course when they check in you tell them everything they need to hear and want to see.
There will be great rewards for being a property manager but do not squander them because you want freedom, money and power. You might not realize it but you have the power to make many people very please because you have helped them. Also you will have to make decisions that could potentially make person very upset. You can try to prepare yourself as much as you can but it is very hard dealing with the emotions of another person. Take being a property manager seriously and you will succeed.

There are property managers over many different businesses. You will find that someone is in charge of making sure the every day operation of the facility is top notch. Many people want to be in charge but they do not want the responsibility that is assigned to such a duty. They want the power and the money but do not want to deal with the responsibility of actually taking care of the issue at hand. If this is what you are expecting then there is no reason for you to be a property manager.

Over the property manager you will see an owner. The owner will make sure that their properties are running well. They want to ensure their property managers are running their facilities the way that was previously discussed and laid out. If something is different than the original plan, they would like to know why the property manager decided to go in that direction. These owners want to put someone in charge that is able to handle the business as well as any issue that could arise. The first or second sign that a property manager is not measuring up to expectations, they will certainly look for a replacement.

As a property manager you do have a lot of freedom to do as you wish with the business in terms of bring new customers in and ensuring they are taken care of. You also have a set of rules that you need to follow to ensure that the daily operation is running smoothly. Take your time as a property manager seriously because it is a great job to have if you can handle it. If you have great communication with the owner and a great understanding they will typically not bother you much. This is of course when they check in you tell them everything they need to hear and want to see.

There will be great rewards for being a property manager but do not squander them because you want freedom, money and power. You might not realize it but you have the power to make many people very please because you have helped them. Also you will have to make decisions that could potentially make person very upset. You can try to prepare yourself as much as you can but it is very hard dealing with the emotions of another person. Take being a property manager seriously and you will succeed.

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Self-Storage Pods: Classroom Specialties

School districts are continuously struggling for students, boundary changes, and an environment where they are not faced with space constraints. There has been a paradigm shift in the use of alternative classrooms for schools. A decade ago, school districts would use portable pre-fab construction to install trailer-like facilities which would serve as classrooms. Now, school districts have solicited the help of self-storage facilities and containers to create classroom spaces that are designed to become better equipped to handle weather conditions and withstand the many changes that can occur in new classroom design.

Budgeting is one of the main reasons this has been an alternative for school districts. With so many cuts to the funds that were previously allocated, school districts have to make do with what they have and consider the needs of the students.

Self-storage pods can be outfitted with numerous items to transform it into a general classroom setting:

  • Bathrooms
  • Whiteboards
  • Air conditioners
  • Work stations

And that is not a comprehensive listing. Regular school districts are not the only settings where these pods are being used. The military has used self-storage pods for alternative classroom spaces for years, especially in other countries. With the proliferation of new guidelines for classroom teaching and the classroom size being a major factor in how many students can be taught simultaneously, the use of pods has turned out to be a viable solution, if only temporary.

College and universities also use pods when they initially use satellite locations. Pods are made of steel, are adaptable to any situation, are varied in size and functionality and can be quickly reverted back to their intended use. The growth patterns of the self-storage industry have been phenomenal. As the economy shifts and there continues to be growth in the educational setting, the use of pods as an alternative continues to be a good choice.

School districts that establish a partnership with self-storage companies to establish pods that can act as classroom settings is advantageous for both the school district and the self-storage company. Both organizations are filling a void. School districts can alleviate costs and self-storage companies can utilize bulk discounts that will give school districts leverage in getting these pods for use.

The beauty of utilizing pods for classroom use is that they can be used across the board. Whether the class is general studies, cosmetology or culinary arts, they can all be outfitted as a specialty classroom that will provide everything that is necessary to accomplish this. School cafeterias, main offices, computer labs, art studios and other vital pieces of a school campus can be seamlessly integrated into a pod setting. It is a very effective way to add additional space without upsetting the climate or footprint of the school.

These ideas have migrated to other countries as well, providing options and alternatives for underserved areas and rural districts that are striving to accommodate new needs and demands. As the educational setting continues to change, so will the uses for self-storage alternatives.


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South Carolina Updates Lien Law

South Carolina is the latest state to update its legalization that affects self storage operations. House Bill 3563 will amend previous legalization in the state as it related to allowing self storage facilities to communicate via electronic communication in the event that rent is seven or more days past due.

Currently, self storage operators are allowed to communicate information on the sale of the contents in past due self storage units by placing a notice in the newspaper. Instead, the bill would allow self storage owners and operators to send this information in a “periodical” or “commercially reasonable” medium. However, the terms relating to which medium should be used are not clearly communicated in the bill.

There is already opposition of the bill with persons arguing that the altering of the notification process will eliminate public service, which is problematic for interested parties such as ex-spouses, children, family members and others who may have a claim in the property being sold.

Members of the Seminole County Property Appraisers (SCPA) are arguing that the bill is mistakenly assuming that a lien sale advertisement is solely to attract speculators. Instead, they are positing that the purpose is also to inform the community of what is going on in order to give relatives and others with a relationship to the tenant the opportunity to pay off the account and claim the property. The ambiguity of the term “periodical” is also a point of contention since it could be placed in a private publication with limited notification to the public. Also, the SCPA is contending that the lack of transparency in the process could result in insider bidding, where all bidders are familiar with each other. The primary argument being made by the SPCA is that the current notification system is not broken so there is no reason to change it.

However, the bill is supported by both the South Carolina Self Storage Association and the national Self Storage Association. Proponents of the bill argue that the process would allow the consumer debt to be properly absolved, which lessens the burden on the self storage operator.

An important point to note is that the tenant must waive his or her right to be notified in writing and consent to the electronic notification. Therefore, the majority of the concern from the SPCA would not be valid since the tenant would have the opportunity to decide what he or she would like to do in the event of delinquency. The bill would be effective as soon as the governor of South Carolina signs it.


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New Self Storage Property Proposal Meets Controversy

The proposal to build a 97,000 square-foot self storage facility in Lakeway, Texas has been met with both support and opposition from local residents. The facility, which would hold 519 units across 10 acres of the township, is causing heated debate with regards to zoning. The Lakeway Texas Zoning and Planning commission has even stepped in to recommend an amendment that would delay the construction of the facility. Storage One Self Storage is the facility behind the venture and it is working hard to ensure that the project comes to fruition.

So, what exactly is the entire ruckus about? Well, for one, residents are concerned that construction of a large commercial property would interrupt the small, tight knit nature of the community. On April 2, both residents in support of the plan and those who are staunchly opposed to it gathered at the Violet Township Board of Trustees to give their side of the story. Residents were concerned that the facility would bring light pollution, noise and extra traffic to the area and add little value to the community as a whole.

However, there were those who did see it as a valuable contribution to the suburban community. The facility would be a mix of retail space, offices, and banks in addition to self storage. Jeffrey Vandervoot, the lawyer for Storage One Self Storage, stated that the facility would have minimal impact on the surrounding properties.

In the township meeting, residents voiced just about every concern from their autistic children who would be affected by the traffic to simply not wanting to live near a self storage facility. While Storage One Self Storage attempted to give those in attendance the facts about the new venture, participants of the rezoning hearing were still unable to make a decision and will have up to 20 days to do so. The City Council will discuss the matter again on April 21.


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Orange County Fair 2014


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Online Marketing Tips for Christmas

It’s Christmastime again and a very busy season in the world of online marketing. The self storage industry is also abuzz with preparations for deals and discounts and bracing for an influx of customers who need holiday storage. If Christmas constantly creeps up on your self storage facility then there is no need to worry. We have a few tips for the holiday season that will help you to capitalize on this busy time of year and plan better as it comes around:

Plan promotions in advance – If you will be offering special discounts on free gifts to self storage customers, then start planning for these promotions from as early as the end of October each year. This way, you can ensure that marketing messages that are being developed will match whatever you plan to do for Christmas. Remember that customers start looking for ways that they can save a few extra bucks from as early as Thanksgiving. Start making them aware of your plans so that they will already have your self storage facility in mind over the competition.

Include holiday keywords – This is great time to do an audit of your self storage website and optimize it even further. Include keywords specific to the holiday season that will help your site to show up more prominently when people are searching for various Christmas items. After all, when all the shopping and gift exchanges conclude, everyone will be in need of somewhere to store them and put away Christmas decorations. Let potential customers know that your self storage facility will be ready to handle all storage needs during Christmas by including keywords on your website to help them find you easier.

Connect online advertisements to specific landing pages – By doing so, you are giving potential self storage customers exactly what they are looking for in just a few clicks. If possible, add a Christmas theme to your self storage website as well. This quick and easy makeover can do wonder to your site during the holiday season.

Research peak times and plan for them – Do you know the times of year where your website has the most traffic? This is something that you need to figure out as soon as possible through the use of services such as Google Analytics. This can help you to ensure that your self storage website is ready to take reservations and serve the need of a high influx of customers. If there are any 404 errors on your site, then fix these in a timely manner. You wouldn’t want lots of people visiting your website only to find out that it does not function well. This could potentially lead them to explore the websites of your competitors.

If you manage to successfully navigate the busy Christmas season and undertake a successful marketing campaign, then the work begins as soon as you have concluded. Take the opportunity to revise your strategy and build even further. By the time Christmas rolls around again, you’ll be a pro at marketing your self storage business online.


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4th of July Celebrations in Los Angeles Area



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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What my Dad taught me about tools

I remember as a kid always being astounded at the amount of tools my dad kept in our basement.  There was a table with tools on it, a wall with tools hanging from it, old 5 gallon buckets and pails loaded with nails, screws and so many different things, I didn’t even know what they were for.  I know I’m not wrong by saying my Dad wasn’t always sure either!  There were duplicates of almost everything, sometimes triplicates.  I remember my Dad pulling in the driveway with a big old gray steel cabinet in the bed of his truck. He happened to pass by it as it awaited pick-up by the trash man.   The old saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!”, was very true in this case.  My Dad was so happy about his find…it meant more room for more tools!   He became a little less happy when it took over an hour to get it down the narrow basement stairs, but we did it.

There was a shed in the backyard, for larger equipment like the lawnmower, hedge cutters, gardening tools, extension cords, shovels, etc., but even with the vast amount of tools and other items, there was an order and neatness about the way my Father kept them.  I asked him once why he kept so many tools and things in the basement and he said it was because we didn’t have a garage.

I was taught very early on that tools should have a place off the floor and always be cleaned after they were used.  To respect them because when they were needed to do a job, they needed to be depended upon to work and get that job done.  If tools were left on the floor, they would be susceptible to the dampness of the basement and the every so often over-flowing washing machine incident.

The steel cabinet was such an important find because it had doors, keeping everything stored inside safe from flying debris, sawdust, regular dust.  The grease and little motors would collect this debris like spider webs catching flies, leaving the tools’ reliability to be compromised.

As our family became larger, we needed to expand our house.  When it came time for the contractors to expand the kitchen, my Dad saw another great opportunity.  He made sure they removed the cabinetry carefully instead of sledge hammering it to pieces.  The old cabinets went against a wall in the basement and with a few cuts of some ply wood, my Father had more enclosed space and a shelf for more nails, screws, pails, buckets, and of course, tools!

Back in the day, my daily life was not filled with television, social media, video games, etc.  They didn’t exist.  My day was busy with friends or helping my Dad do household repairs and build things in our basement.  If one of the pickets on the fence surrounding the back yard was in need of repair, it was repaired in our basement.  If there was a leak in the roof, we were an assembly line that started in the basement and ended wherever my Dad needed.

This wasn’t the exception back then, this was the norm.   Practically every kid I knew had a Dad with a basement with some kind of work bench in it.  The difference was that most had messy basements with tools all over the floor.  There were nails and screws in pails and buckets, but some were left on the floor, all covered in debris.

When I started my family and bought our first home, my basement was just like my Dads basement.  I was very proud of it and my wife liked the fact I was handy and neat.  Then the kids came.

As they grew up, my wife didn’t want them in our living room watching the television and getting under her feet.  Wonderful, a project for me!  It became time to have a finished basement, where the kids could be in the house, maybe have a few friends over, without driving my wife crazy.

I began the project with the intention of keeping a corner portion of the basement for my work bench, tools, etc., because like my Dad, my house didn’t have a garage either.  As the project neared its finish, I was informed the area I had been keeping for myself, would be a great fit for a computer area where the kids could do homework and a Foosball table for when they had friends over.  A Foosball table…really!?!

In my mind, I projected my next course of action, to build myself a garage!  That idea didn’t get passed my mentioning it before it was shot down by my wife as impractical.  I had to digress and agree.

But what was I going to do with my tools?

I had nowhere near the amount of tools my Dad had tucked away in his basement.  Knowing what I know about having tools outside in the elements, there was no way I was going to leave them in our backyard shed.  I went to a neighbor for some advice and he pointed me in the direction of self-storage.  I had always thought of self-storage as a need only when moving.  I was mistaken.

I went online and found that there was a nearby self-storage facility called Storage Station, conveniently located at 2354 Hamburg Turnpike, Wayne, NJ, 07470, at 973-616-8700. I spoke with the manager and he answer

Self Storage in Wayne New Jersey – One of several Storage Station Locations

ed all my questions and reassured me about the concerns I had about storing tools.  I was invited to visit and tour the facility, which I did, and was shown such a wide variety of storage unit.  The knowledgeable associate assured me I would be able to store all my tools in the climate controlled unit as well as my cabinets.  I also had 24 hour, 7 day-a-week access to my storage unit. If my storage needs change in the future, whether I need more or less space, Storage Station of Wayne will be able to accommodate those needs as well.

In the hectic life of today’s world, I look back on how things have changed in the needs of a household and the family that resides in it.  My Dad cluttered the basement with more and more and no matter how neat it was, it was there.  I have Storage Station of Wayne to keep my home clutter free, my tools safe and most importantly, my wife happy!

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What my Dad taught me about tools brought to you by : Storage Station Self Storage and Storage Blog


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Are you ready for a career in Self Storage?

The traditional American dream dictates that you finish high school, go to college, and in four years, enter the real world and start a family. Society suggests that those who deviate from the norm even in the least bit will undoubtedly “miss a step” will result in life veering off balance. The self storage industry in the UK is challenging the perception of those of us in the United States. Store N Lock is giving persons out of high school the opportunity to take a less traditional route to success in the form of an apprenticeship

Store N Lock, in conjunction with the Leaping Man Professional Qualifications (LMPQ) program, hired 17-year old Robert Tonks from Malvern, Worcestershire, England. The LMPQ is a vocational training program that is a part of the Leaping Man group of companies. It claims to offer the “perfect alternative to university” where persons can develop nationally and internationally recognized skills and qualifications.

Tonks began working for Store N Lock as one of the only three self storage apprentices in the entire UK. He was hired for full time employment after only eight months. Rennie Schafer, chief executive of the Self Storage Association UK had nothing put praise for the apprenticeship program, “Very few apprentices are employed within the self storage industry in the UK and I commend Stock N Lock's owner Charles Rodway and his team for taking up this initiative.”

At the conclusion of his apprenticeship, Tonks lauded the program and the skills he was able to develop as a result of participating. "I would recommend the apprenticeship route to anyone. My confidence has grown immensely since joining and I am learning ‘best practice’ business skills from my colleagues here. I’ve even gained my counterbalance forklift truck license.” He told the Tewkesbury Admag.

The self storage industry in the UK is small and relatively new when compared to the booming industry in the United States. The apprenticeship program is a novel idea that could help to introduce self storage as a career to people who never previously considered that path. Those of us in the US should keep a sharp eye on it.


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Self Storage Comic Book Seeks More Crowdfunding

Last September, we featured a novel comic book idea that was starting to grow – a self storage themed comic book. The comic book served to further illustrate the infiltration of self storage into the mainstream entertainment industry. The crime-fighting comic book series Unit 44 was created by Wes Locher, an author who was working on two other comic books – New Life and The Undoutables.

Unit 44 comic book in

Though the idea was great, the project needed funding, which led to its creator launching a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise the money needed for its production. The campaign was successful and now those involved in the project are trying to finish the next three issues with the help of the public once again. The initial Kickstarter needed to raise $2000 and surpassed that goal in only seven days. This current campaign is trying to raise $2, 400 and has 22 days left until completion. So far, 47 people have contributed $1, 465 toward the goal.

Unit 44 comic book in

The comic not only delivers on laughs, it is packs a powerful punch when it comes to action as well. If you’re into secret agents and self storage, then this is exactly the comic you need to have a great laugh and satisfy your craving for a thrilling read as well as secret agents scramble to recover the contents of a unit that were mistakenly sold at a self storage auction. Having forgotten to pay the rent, Area 51 agents in Nevada have to get creative to secure the items before things get out of hand.

We were privy to an exclusive copy of the upcoming first issue of the series and it’s well worth the read. Whether you’re a die-hard comic book fan or just invested in the self storage industry in general, a small donation could help to sustain this very worthwhile project. The Kickstarter campaign will not release funds unless all of the money is raised. That means, it’s all or nothing. For the next 22 days, the initiative needs all the support it can get from its loyal readers.

We’ll continue to monitor for updates to the story. When the issues finally come out, be sure to stop by and share how much you love the comic!


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How to Earn Additional Income for Your Self Storage Facility with Truck Rentals

By: Jodi Reid
Adding on extra services to a self storage facility is a sure way to generate extra income. It can also put your self storage facility ahead of the competition. Nearly everyone moving items into self storage will need a truck at some point and customers will find it much more convenient to conduct all their self storage related business in one place.

There are primarily two alternatives involved in truck rental – one-way moves and local moves. One-way moves are offered as an option for customers who will be moving a great distance. In this case, the truck is picked up from one location and returned to another destination. As a self storage operator, you can charge a commission on each rental. Local moves offer the opportunity for a creative branding strategy since you can put the name of your self storage facility on these trucks. Local moving trucks are often offered for free but you can choose the option that would work best for your business.

Providing a free truck for local moves does not mean that your business will not get any income from this venture. You will still be able to charge for mileage and gas. Most customers will not mind these fees since the overall total will be less than paying to rent a truck elsewhere. Renting directly from the self storage facility is also more convenient. Additional income can also be generated by limiting the time a tenant is able to use the truck and then charging a fee for each additional hour.

The marketing opportunity in providing truck rental is invaluable. Your self storage business will essentially receive free advertising since customers will be driving around the locality with the name of your business on the truck. Consider tying in the free truck rental with a loyalty or referral program to bring even more people into your business.

Before implementing truck rentals or anything other major change in your overall marketing strategy, conduct a cost analysis to estimate the real value this will add to your self storage business. For smaller companies, the upfront cost of undertaking this system might be greater than the potential income earnings so it would be wise to do research so you have an idea of the figures beforehand.


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Google+ For Self Storage Marketing

Google + is a fast growing social networking site operated by technology giant, Google Inc. The site has been gaining notoriety over the past few months and continues to build its user base daily. How can it benefit your self storage business? Google + has pages for businesses, similar to Facebook pages, where you can list and promote your self storage facility. Here are a few tips in order to help you navigate this fairly new social network:

  • Choose a suitable display picture – Unlike Facebook’s profile photos, the Google + profile photo must be square. The dimensions for the picture is 200px x 200px and the thumbnail is 48px x 48px. Once you have chosen a picture, you must crop it into a square so keep this in mind when selecting a profile photo.

  • Create keywords to promote your self storage facility – There are three fields where you can enter text – the Tagline, Introduction, and Contact/Website fields. In the Tagline section, use only about 10 words. Anything longer may get cut off. You can provide more details about your self storage company in the About summary section. These pages get indexed by Google, so ensure that you fill these fields out with your complete information.

  • Promote your profile – After creating the page, add a +1 button to your company website if you have one. By adding this button, visitors to your company website can easily visit your Google + profile without going to an external site.

  • Add additional photos - There is a scrapbook area where page administrators can add photos of the business. Since the Google + is plain when compared to other sites, you can use the photo feature to make your page more eye-catching and interesting.

  • Share your Google + page with all your employees and have them share it within their own Google + pages in order to increase engagement. Suitable keywords, photos, and adequate promotion will ensure that your Google + business page makes a strong contribution to your online marketing efforts.


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Singing Some Bamboo Blues

How can a floor that was supposed to be more stable start curling?

VGN-swatchQ: I have a vertical grain bamboo floor that I was told would be stronger and more stable than hardwood. After it was in for a few weeks, some of the boards started curling upward at the ends. I was told there was too much humidity in my home, so I turned off the humidifier.

Now, the boards are shrinking and leaving gaps. I am very disappointed because I did my research and purchased a brand that was supposed to be the leader in quality. Can you shed any light on whether this is a common problem or an isolated incident?

A: You are not alone. While I would not call your situation a common problem, it is not an isolated incident.

Since the introduction and subsequent attention to traditional bamboo flooring around 2001, the entire industry from the manufacturer on down to the retailer, has gone through a learning curve. The biggest mistake is that the industry has treated bamboo as if it were any other hardwood flooring product, which it is not. Bamboo is a grass and the way it reacts to temperature and moisture fluctuations is very different from  standard hardwoods.

  The reasons for failure vary, and range from poor manufacturing quality to the fact that bamboo is inherently different than wood.Within each bamboo board, you can find variable density and strength, variable moisture content, and the tendency to expand and contract along its width, but also along its length.

In the bamboo plant, the strong fibers are concentrated in the outer wall of the stalk and become more scattered moving inward.  Rectangular strips cut to make flooring, therefore, have a dense side and a less-dense side. Horizontal bamboo is actually more dimensionally stable than vertical because laminating in this direction bonds the less stable and more stable sides together, reducing movement.

To achieve a correctly balanced plank of vertical-grain flooring, the strips on the left side of the plank are placed with the denser side facing left.  Starting at the center of the plank, they are placed with the denser portion facing right. If they were all placed the same direction, the soft side’s tendency to expand and contract more could actually cause the plank to curve. For this and other reasons, it is best to choose a product from a known manufacturer  who has been recognized for quality manufacturing and responsibility. (Note: All manufacturers write their warranties in such a way that they will not be liable for any issues dealing with moisture).

Drying bamboo properly at the factory is challenging because moisture content of the individual strips within the same board will vary with the density variation.  The factories, therefore, usually rely on a drying schedule rather than ensuring bamboo is dried to its target moisture content as is done with hardwood. Most bamboo manufacturers state that their product has a 6 to 9 percent delivered moisture content, but the reality is that this varies considerably.

Strand bamboo cupping across width

Strand bamboo cupping across width

To measure moisture content in horizontal or vertical bamboo, a pin meters is preferred, but the pins should be inserted parallel to the grain, avoiding glue lines that will throw off the reading. It is far more difficult to get an accurate meter reading on strand bamboo because strand bamboo is heavily infused with adhesive.

In your case, with vertical grain, traditional bamboo, you should take a look at how much expansion space was left along the walls at the ends of your boards.  Most installers leave expansion space along the sides of wood  planks but not where the boards end, and this is acceptable with most hardwoods. But bamboo has longitudinal instability and without expansion space is likely to cup.

 Likewise, when conditions are too dry, there could be gapping at the butt joints.©

Nancy Kibee, editor at, and Brian Freeman, quality control for KW Flooring.


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