Friday, May 16, 2014

4 Must-Have Tips for Packing a Storage Unit

Moving all of your items into storage can be a difficult task, and one that requires significant and careful planning. Whether you are planning on heading overseas for a period of time and need to store some of your belongings, or are downsizing your home and can’t fit all your furniture in it, a self storage unit can be the perfect solution. As long as you ensure that the

1. Label, label, label!
If you’re putting a large number of boxes in your storage unit, ensure that they are labelled accurately and thoroughly. Don’t just write “kitchen” on a box – write exactly what you have put in it. If you have to visit your storage unit to remove just a few items, this will prove very useful. It is also a good idea to specially mark any boxes that have precious or fragile items or breakables, as these need to be handled carefully.

2. Disperse weight evenly
It is important to pack boxes so that none are too heavy. The best way to do this is to put heavy items on the bottom and some lighter ones on top. For instance, rather than packing a large box full of books, add some books to the bottom of the box and fill the rest with clothes, toys, or anything else that’s light. Again, make sure you label the boxes so that you know what you have put where, and of course make sure your breakables are carefully wrapped.

3. Prepare your storage unit
Keeping your belongings safe and in good condition in a storage unit is not as easy as you may think. Your home is likely to be dry, under cover, well ventilated and bug free. While it is likely that your storage unit is the same, homes and storage units are built to different standards. Luckily, there are a few easy ways of preparing the storage unit before placing any of your items in it. It is a good idea to cover the floor of the storage unit with a tarp or thick sheet of plastic, and place the boxes on top. Then to cover your items and protect them from dust, use old blankets and comforters. These are better than plastic as they are breathable and will not promote condensation, which in turn can lead to a build up of mold and mildew.

4. Clean appliances before storing
It is essential to clean your electrical appliances (such as a washer and dryer, fridge or stove) thoroughly before storing them. It is also important to ensure everything is thoroughly dry, and a good idea to leave doors open for ventilation. If you have boxes to store on top of your appliances, make sure they are covered in sheets or comforters first to prevent scratches or scrapes.


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