Monday, May 26, 2014

5 Things That Might Be Missing From Your Self Storage Strategy

A social media strategy needs revision every few months in order to determine what is causing success and which areas can be changed. Details are extremely important and it takes a lot of keen attention to ensure that everything necessary for a successful social media campaign in present in your strategy. How do you go about an audit of your social media strategy? Well, we’ve come up with a list of things to look for in your strategy. Keep an eye out and confirm that they are not missing:

• Linking all areas to your website – If there is a lot of valuable content about your self storage business but it does not link back your website, then your efforts are being wasted. The whole point of social media is to make content easy to find. This increases your credibility among potential customers since reliable businesses are easy to find and consistent. Link all your social media pages back to your website to assist with SEO efforts as well.

• Pay attention to YouTube – Don’t underestimate the power of videos. Make videos that demonstrate your area of expertise in the self storage industry. Establish yourself as a reliable authority of information and customers will come to you with their self storage needs all on their own. Videos should be entertaining and funny and under two and a half minutes if possible.

• Utilize Facebook targeting – Many social media marketers forget that Facebook now gives Page administrators the ability to target messages to specific demographics and particular interests. This way, you’ll guarantee that your messages will reach people with a particular interest and this strengthens the impact of the message.

• Get lots of original content – If you have a self storage website then you want people to visit. The best way to keep visitors coming back is to have lots of interesting and unique content. This will also give search engines content to crawl and improve your page ranking as well. If your website constantly has something new, then it will attract repeat visitors.

• Create and maintain a blog – If you have neglected to put a blog on your self storage website, then you need to get it done as soon as possible. A blog will help you to have a fresh stream of content in addition to providing a place for customers to provide feedback. A lot of valuable information can be gleaned from the comment section of blogs so read them on a regular basis and respond to customer concerns.

Mistakes on social media can cost your self storage brand a lot of business. These can lessen the credibility of your self storage business and make you look like a novice to potential customers. People respect businesses that have a lot of experience in a given field so inspire customer confidence by showing them that you have a sound and solid social media marketing strategy. Tighten up on your strategy and include our five recommendations, which will help to take your social media strategy to the next level.


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