Saturday, May 24, 2014

Are You Phone Smart?

The self-storage industry is continuously growing and is always adding to its network. Enter PhoneSmart, which is a call service dedicated specifically to the self-storage industry and is available to answer all calls on types of units, availability in locations and more. This call center structure was also the winner of the ISS Self-Storage Best of Business in 2011 and 2012. This is just another demonstration of the many amenities the self-storage industry is now offering, catering to a variety of businesses and individuals to make transitions run smoothly. For those companies that are expanding and don’t have the resources to handle an excessive amount of phone calls, this is the perfect solution. Another valued addition of this service is the phone smart net, which allows companies to get real time reports and provide new information and updates on what’s going on with the business.

There are many different ways to get information from self-storage companies. The number of online aggregators has increased, and the use of blogs and social media has grown tremendously, giving an expanded value-added service to patrons who want to know more about how the business works and the offerings that are available to them. While the self-storage industry continues to experience growing pains, specialized services will continue to rise on all levels. While it used to be unheard of to see self-storage companies participating in major events, the interest and fascination with self-storage units and how they are used continues to capture movie producers, television, college students (for parties), people who are illegally selling goods and journalists. While these uses may not necessarily be new, they are definitely new to people that think the only use for self-storage is to put your belongings.

When you think about it, with the footprint growing so large, self-storage is going to continuously make its mark on our landscape. Statistics have shown that most of the general homeowners in the United States have a storage unit in addition to their garages and attics. This is completely separate from people who live in apartments, military families and college students who use self-storage for additional space they may need.

Phone Smart seems to be the beginning of a growing need for support services for the industry that has no signs of slowing down. With the new self-storage delivery services becoming popular in some areas, and pick-up services in others, there is definitely a need for a call center that will be able to handle the volume that is destined to become an everyday occurrence. Self-storage on the go – who would have ever thought it? If you’re looking for an entrepreneurial venture, investing in anything that has to do with self-storage is the way to go. Indicators are showing huge return on investment potential and with the right team in place, the sky is the limit. Welcome to the new face of self-storage as it helps shape the industry and its growing needs. All it takes is a phone call.


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