Saturday, May 24, 2014

Boat Storage

Ever wonder why people use a self storage facility to store their boats? Believe it or not there are a few reasons for that. Some people do not live in an area that has a driveway and they park on the side of the street which would make it hard for them to keep a boat in that area.  Some people just do not live in the state and do not want the boat left at their vacation homes for all to see..

Sometimes it is just more money to travel back and forth with your boat then it would be to just put it at a storage facility. Gas is not cheap when you’re towing with your vehicle. A marina can be costly to store your boat there it is almost as much as docking your boat for a few months.

We all know how much that can run if you have ever had a boat before. If you are a handy person and you got a boat to fix up and it could fit in a 10×20 unit then you could have a weekend project to take back home. By the time you look for a boat that you like and can afford a month has gone by already and a marina may charge you for the full season. A storage facility is month to month and can save you a few bucks. The next step is to find a cheap boat slip and good luck with that. Most of the time there is not many in your area because if you get a slip at a good price no one will give that spot up as long as they have a boat the old first come first serve rule. So what’s the next best thing you ask?  That’s rite- putting it at Storage Station. Our 24 hour access makes it super easy to come first thing in the morning. If you need to get to a fishing tournament there are no worries that you having to take it out of the slip and put it on your trailer. If you put it at a self storage place that’s one step you can skip and that may save a bit of time.

Almost anyone that you ask that has a garage probably will tell you that they could not ever fit any kind of boat in it big or small. If their garage is anything like mine a car could not even fit in it. Men as you all know that us ladies would like you to clean it out not put a boat in there so maybe one day our car could be snow free. That in itself is a great reason why boats should be put at a self storage facility. As people say that reason along is priceless. That brings me to my next point boats coast a lot of money to start with but if you do have a boat and no cover you may want to get a the drive up unit so you can just back your boat right in there. Who would want to fix all the things that maybe damaged by the weather? For example the seats can be ripped by the tree that falls in your yard, or even worse what if the tree hits you window of the boat? I know that I would not be a happy person in that situation. People do not always think ahead and plan for the so called what if’s that could happen in everyday life.

I am here to say that a little research can go a long way. Check the prices of a unit or outdoor parking at your local storage spot you will be shock on how much you may be saving. See how far the closest lake is or how close your favorite lake is to the storage location. Compare how much it will cost you to store it at a marina verses a self storage place. Think about how often you use the boat and if it is worth docking it for three or four months or would it be better at a storage place that has someone there almost every day doing a walk around to see if all is well with each person’s parking spots or units. There are a lot of factors that go in to where you put your boat and for how long you put it there for. And if you share your boat with someone like a co- owner all the decisions you make gets a bit harder. You now have to talk about what place is close to you both. Who gets to pay for what amount of the slip or storage place? The most important thing would be who gets the boat when?

I wouldn’t want to be the one to referee that one. What it all comes down to is that having a boat is a lot of money, time, and work but in the end if you like being out on the water it’s a good time. It could be quality time with your family water skiing. Maybe you have a pontoon boat and have friends and family come out with you to have a cook out on the lake. If you have a speed boat that you just took out of storage for the summer and you entered a race I sure everyone you know would love to come out and cheer you on that day. The reason that someone would want to put a boat in storage are endless. I think if something is important to you and your family it is worth keeping it nice for as long as you can. Make the most out of the summer and think about the best move in storing your boat and good luck with your decision. As I sure you know Storage Station is always here to help in any way that we can.

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