Saturday, May 24, 2014

Dual-coast business consolidation – how to keep it all together

If you have a large business entity that operates on the east and west coast, you may have some serious issues trying to consolidate them into one facility. There’s a lot that can happen, and you want to make sure that you have everything in place. One of the best things you can do is to get a business storage facility. Why? Once the decision is made on where the consolidated office will be, a plan needs to be set into motion. A storage facility will give you time to send furniture and large items prior to the move, while the new facility is being prepared.

When you have multiple facilities, there is also a need to house numerous files and documents. A climate-controlled unit comes in handy, and your documents can all be stored safely off-site for quick retrieval. Most companies send a team ahead to make sure everything is in order. This team usually includes administrative staff, managers, accountants and attorneys. With the facility still being set-up, there needs to be a hub for all of the information that needs to be stored.

In instances like these, companies also solicit the help from relocation agencies to help their employees find apartments and other housing. Additionally, there are other incentives for relocation, with these moving expenses usually paid. For those employees that will be frequently traveling back and forth until the move is complete, having an auto storage unit on hand will be beneficial. This will alleviate worry and hassle for those employees who are literally living out of a hotel room.

A master plan will include business registration in the new state, new letterhead, notification of relocation to all vendors, changing bank accounts if necessary, and the list continues to go on. There are so many things involved in consolidating and relocating a business that it would definitely be in the best interest of the company to have their business attorney and accountants on hand to solve any problems and provide advice on how to make the transition smooth.

You’re only as good as your track record. Making sure you can consolidate can be very costly, which will place some impact on your bottom line. Although this may be quickly recouped, there’s really no guarantee how long this will affect your business. Be cognizant of how much moving costs for the business, as well as employees will be incurred. Transitional moves over a certain period of time may be the most effective, or moving one coast and then the other.

During this transition, make sure your marketing team on both coasts are working together to ensure your tactics and social media remain in place. There should be someone on hand at all times to answer any questions from the general public, and an in-house team to answer any questions from your employees. It can be a very exciting, but hectic time for your organization but growth is always good. Having an effective plan in place is always the way to go.


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