Saturday, May 17, 2014

Goodbye Thanksgiving & Fall Winter here we come !

It was 31 degrees this morning where did fall go?  Is it April yet?

November has passed & most people are either getting ready for the colder weather.

Here at Storage Station Toms River & South Toms River we are buttoning up for winter.

Outside parking tenants at our Storage Stations Store at 29 Flint Road in South Toms River NJ  They are checking vehicles, boats Trailers and other wheeled stored items that are stored outside. Putting tarps checking on winterization.

Watching at both our Storage Stations Stores in South Toms River and Also in Toms River NJ. people are back and fourth removing holiday decorations and they bring back items that will not fit in their homes or apartments with the holiday decorations.

There is our manager lubricating the gate making sure it will operate correctly in the cold and inclement weather that will be coming.

We always have to be prepared for ice & snow. Shovels snow melt and to be plowed.

I wouldn’t mind no snow this year rain would be fine.

Oh a van just pulled back in I have another customer waiting.

They will be picking up large holiday gifts and putting them in storage till they need to be removed for the holiday..

No more trying to hide things in the attic basement garage. With their storage space its easy access and stress free. So much easier.

Oh part of our team is outside blowing leaves again. It’ s like a never ending job. Blow them pick them up and more return. The trees are almost empty. That’s the sure sigh winter is around the corner.

Going thru sweeping talking to tenants none are looking forward to show. I guess our skiers aren’t at the storage facility right now.

We have many of our customers storing ski equipment snow mobiles and other fun winter items.

The winter people.

It’s very funny how a storage facility is so multi functional. Most things you can think of storing you can store here for later use.

SNOW SNOW SNOW ….. We had our first snow & ice of the season.

We had the snow plow man here almost 8 inches.
ICE also was not good pulls on everything.  We had a gutter section come down our manager got it back up. Then we had warm weather again it was 45 degrees.

Crazy weather, it then went cold it was 19 degrees Brrrrrrr.

Walking around speaking to our tenants as we do lock checks. Everyone wants to move south myself included. It’s been just to COLD but it’s talk when we get warm in April all the cold is forgotten and our mind goes to the summer season.

OK here we go to the second floor. A tenant a few units pulling out  a bicycle and a big tricycle, and a few other toys that need assembly. He said his wife said you need to finish these today. Moving from one to one so many parts.

We have a tenant assembling a artificial Christmas tree in their unit. All the lights & balls are in Place. She has a BIG bag that you would use to dispose of a real tree after the holiday. She lives a crossed the street in the apartments. Christmas eve she said her husband will come over and get the tree when the children are asleep. Then when the children wake up Christmas morning it is there. That is such a good use for her storage unit besides storing gifts and other items.

Oh there goes our manager with the salt spreader. Up and down the property in the middle there is black ice. The ice melt works well eliminating the issue.  It keeps us ice free.

Here comes that van again I wonder where it has been. It’s so interesting where people go with rented vehicles.  Work Shopping and projects around the house. This person has a unit here and is storing the supplies for his remodel of his kitchen. That’s an excellent idea for people with no garage who are doing a remodel project at home. We have the perfect size for every remodel job this tenant is using a 10×15. It is so much easier to have a larger unit to organize the cabinets here before he takes them to his house for installation.

Let me go help my associate I see him at the gate it is stuck with the cold weather.

We need to get it free so it operates properly for all our tenants It’s up to 23 degrees like a heat wave today, but we will survive the cold.

Here comes another of our newest tenants he is still packing and buying boxes, bubble wrap and tape.

The move in to the storage unit has started and we are supplying him with all he needs to pack up the contents of his home for the trip here.

Oh there is the van back at the apartments. So many people from there rent from us we are close and a very clean location.

Our oldest tenant is coming in carrying his lock. Its all rusted and hard to turn the key. I sold him a new disc lock of stainless steel no more rusting.

That’s some of the things that go on here daily. We are always here to help any way we can.

Well its time for me to walk around the property and do my tour checking locks and making sure all is secure for our tenants.

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