Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Google Wins Big in 2013

Google has been known to create chaos with their frequent updates and changes to their algorithm, but their business model must be working quite well. Google won two awards from Ace Metrix for their performance in 2013 – Brand of the Year and Ad of the Year.

The ad “Here’s to 2013” took over in the ad category, outperforming everyone by 46 percent. Peter Daboli, Ace Metrix CEO says of the award, “Google’s emergence as a storytelling force is not a recent phenomenon – they have produced outstanding creative for several years now – but 2013 represented a watershed moment for the brand.”

This is just another part of the Google legacy, as they have also acquired quite a few companies this past year. Google was just one of about 19 other award winners in a variety of industries. Although the self-storage industry is continuously growing, there were no winners in the field. Use of social media has helped shaped the face of how self-storage is viewed, but there really are no major advertising dollars being spent on acquiring market share on television or on the radio. This is likely to change in the coming year.

Making advertising for a niche market would do well for self-storage companies, especially around the summer. The potential for ads that cater to college students and summer fun can generate a lot of interest, especially in markets with a large student footprint. Storage units are a hot commodity in these areas, as students come and go with a need to secure their belongings. With so many outlets available to the industry, chances are that they will start following in the footsteps of larger industry imprints to make an impact.

Google is continuously changing the way things are done, and how technology is integrated into the way business is done. Prior to 2010, Google’s executive chairman said hell would freeze over before the company advertised on television. Recognizing the potential major advertising could do for the company, he came back in 2010 the day before their Super Bowl ad ran and tweeted, “Hell has indeed frozen over.”

Self-storage companies and other industry professionals can look to Google for creative and innovative ways to gain market share and increase their visibility in the public eye. Although many companies do not have the big budgets to advertise on the same scale, other tactics can be used that will be just as effective. The advent of technology in enhancing the user experience has been both a blessing and a curse, but when used the right way, can help the company grow by leaps and bounds. Google continues to pave the way in innovation, setting a standard many companies hope to attain. Smart companies study strategy, and Google’s strategies in the marketplace are definitely worth studying for guidance.

If 2013 was any indication of what’s to come from Google, all eyes will be on their marketing efforts in 2014. Fasten your seat belts – it’s ready, set, Google!

Source: http://usselfstoragelocator.com/blog_posts/465-google-wins-big-in-2013

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