Saturday, May 24, 2014

How Can a Self Storage Unit Help You in the New Year?

If you’re like the average American, chances are you have accumulated a bunch of “stuff” over the past year and you are now trying to decide what to do with them. Should you give them away, stuff them in the attic or continue to trip over them as you navigate your way throughout your house. As we say goodbye to the year 2013 and welcome 2014 with a bang, let’s explore the ways in which self storage can help to make the transition to the new year a bit easier:

Use it to help with resolutions – Everyone is putting the finishing touches on lists about new years resolutions. How can self storage help this? Well, since most people struggle with time management and organization, self storage can help to get a handle on this. You can use self storage to organize your household by getting rid of things that won’t be used for a while but are still very important. If your resolution is to lose weight or get in shape, use self storage to free up space around the house so that you can finally fit that treadmill in there.

Use it to start a new hobby – There are endless things that can be done in a self storage unit. From holding band practice to housing a mini business, we’ve just about seen it all. How about you use it to your advantage as the new year approaches? Use it to start a hobby or adventure that you’ve always needed a bit more extra space to do. Perhaps you would like to start a collection of items but just never had the space around your family home to do so. Whatever your intention for the new year, self storage can help you to reimagine a space and turn in into whatever you desire.

Use it to put away holiday decorations – This time of year is one of the busiest when it comes to decorating the home. There’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmastime in close proximity of each other. Once the time for decorations is over, a self storage unit is a great place to put them away so that they can be safe for use next year. When placing these items in a self storage unit, put the ones that will be used last at the back. This way, you can have easy access to it when the appropriate holiday comes along.

Use it to get started on next year’s festivities – Since you know the holidays come by on a yearly basis, use a self storage unit to jump start your preparation for the next year. As you go throughout the year, you may spot a sale on Christmas lighting at a bargain during the summertime. You can buy it and store it so that by the time the holiday season comes around, you are more than prepared with decorations already on hand.

OMGStorage wishes you a happy and prosperous new year. We hope you and your families enjoy it and stay safe.


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