Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Keepers of stuff

There are many reasons to need storage; it seems that Middletown is popping up with apartment communities faster than the surrounding areas. However these apartment communities offer very little in the line of storage. They look great, but in reality an apartment is a far cry from a home. Storage is always an issue.

Whether it be your extra household items or having cars or motorcycles and only allowed one possibly two parking spots. And this time of year everybody starts to hunker down like bears, we hibernate in the winter and so do our belongings. All that we have gathered from the spring and thru the summer need a safe and comfy spot for the long winter ahead. Motorcycles come in from the harsh elements unless you are lucky enough like the birds and off to the south for sun and warm weather. I have a traveler here, well he is a return traveler really, he was in last winter to store his awesome car, not wanting it to sit in a driveway while he travels for work, which starts late fall and he is gone all winter. He came back early this year, he didn’t want to lose his spot, though he is actually in a different unit, but feels much better and comforted that his wheels will be secure while he is off roaming the world this winter. My bikers are back also, they always look a little forlorn when they store their motorcycles, I know how they fell, I do not own a motorcycle myself but have rode many times and the feel of the wide open rode is really great and indeed hard to have to put it away every year, but the awesome feeling that comes with the spring and hitting the road once again is always well worth it.

Here in Middletown we have become a storage facility of contractors lately. Mechanics are the number one tenant; they acquire loads of reusable parts for resale or use of their own and certainly need space in their shop for day to day work so the extra comes to storage. I have a new tenant who does high end lighting and wound up with two 10×25 units, I’m guessing business is good for him, that and his wife wanted her basement back for their own household needs so he got the boot to here and he finds that our convenient  location has come to aid him in his work, also at home, his home is no longer a storage site and his wife is extremely happy. We are very centrally located in Middletown and it helps a great deal too all the contractors that rent her with us at Storage Station. No residential neighbors complaining of early morning noise or too much traffic in their neighborhood, no tip toeing around at six in the morning here, just maybe another early bird getting a head start on his day, coffee in hand a knowing wave and everyone is off to the races.

I have another lighting company also, not high end personal work, but still a good company, they do more commercial buildings and such, the location is great for them since it is minutes from the highway and the trailers that come in to drop off their goods on pallets make one turn and easy breezy, no tight corners no side streets to get lost on, the trucks have enough room to maneuver and off load without any hassle, driving a big rig, or 18 wheeler is work in itself,  having to deal with tight spaces is something that is almost impossible to do and since here in Middletown the entrance is large and wide open they breathe a sigh of relief, it makes them happy to be able to drop and offload and move on to the next stop without maneuvering like they were at play land driving bumper cars. I give a lot of credit to those who drive such massive pieces of equipment, I know it is not something I could do nor do I have the desire or patience for.

Lets pop back to the keepers of stuff, this is what I fondly call my tenants who rent and just don’t have enough space at home for their belongings. These new communities that are growing like weeds and just don’t offer it, and most of like our stuff, holiday items that only come out briefly, no matter what the time of year there is a holiday to celebrate her in this country, Fall brings in thanksgiving and all of our harvest décor, Christmas with our lights and reindeer adorning the yard, Easter and the bunnies, summer holidays with flags for independence and memorials. There is always something to celebrate and let’s face it, celebrating is fun no matter what time of year it is. The huge turkey at Thanksgiving that my Mom always cooks is one of my favorites along with July 4th and the awesome BBQ’s that pop up at every corner, I make a go of different friends and family and eat and celebrate in abundance. I am lucky and blessed with great friends and family at every corner from my workplace to my doorstep so we celebrate no matter how big or small the occasion. With that is always décor and we need space, so as I was saying about my keepers of stuff and these beautiful yet lacking of storage space apartment communities they arrive here and store their stuff, anything goes quite honestly, it could be holiday décor or all the books you have read over the years and won’t dare part with for the love of a library someday when the kiddies move out and ideally you have more space of your own. We all need space of our own and most don’t like clutter which leads most individuals here to Storage Station.  I have such a wide variety of tenants here, when they come in to take care of their account and most sit and chat for a few minutes, some longer and  you get to know people, the great thing is truly the variety , I learn new things all the time and even being a business we are also part of the community, it’s great to have the chance to learn from people from all stages of life, to the very young and career minded to the retired who have seen so much over the years and are a wealth of information.  The internet is a good tool if you need to find stuff, yet I believe people are the ultimate keepers,  keepers of stuff they are and if you listen closely the information is limitless.

Talk with you again soon, in the meantime……….. Cheers!!!

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