Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lions Tigers and Bears…Oh My!!!

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high, and far away from this brutal winter, people are enjoying fruity cocktails with little paper umbrellas.  While the temperature here in West Milford resembles Anchorage Alaska more so than Northern New Jersey, many of us have taken to curling up with a book under a blank, refusing to step outside.  As winter storm after winter storm continue to dump large amounts of fresh snow on us, what seems like almost daily, those of us who go to work day in and day out have become fast as lighting in the 10 yard dash, the distance from our front door to the car.  While we’re here dealing with all of this, there’s a lovely retired couple sitting on a beach in Florida, laughing at us.

Many of you spent your entire lives working 40 plus hours a week, punching the clock, sitting in traffic, and being responsible adults, all knowing that one day you’d reach the finish line, or the other side of the rainbow if you will.  As you reach retirement age, a.k.a. “the finish line”, many of you are given the opportunity to do all of the things you’ve wanted to do but never had the time, money, or energy to.  You’ve raised your children, worked hard, lived right, paid your taxes, and have been granted your wish without having to rub the genie’s lamp.

As you sat there in your offices and cubicles, many of you spent your free moments day dreaming of the day that you can hop on a plane and travel all over the world, with nothing holding you back besides your own will.  Now that the dream has become a reality, many of you are faced with a few final things to handle before you can jet set like movie stars and tour Europe like a rock band.

Depending upon what road you’ve decided to take, many of you have homes, hopefully fully paid off, which you now have to decide what to do with.  We here at Storage Station are here to aid you in that process and have many options and items to do so.

Now that you’re ready to get out and see the world, run with the bulls in Spain or tour the beautiful old world sights in Italy, the last thing you need to be thinking about while out there enjoying your retirement is what’s happening with your stuff back home.  Many of you will be faced with a choice- and while there are many options and things to consider before making your choice, ultimately you will need to decided what you’re going to do with your worldly possessions.  Whether you decide to sell your home and everything in it or rent out the house to generate income to fun those wild nights in Paris, at the end of the day, you’ll need to find a place to house whatever it is you decide not to do away with.   Storage Station has many different sizes and options to meet  your individual self storage needs.

Some of our tenants are retirees who spend their summers here in West Milford, but migrate down south like Canadian Geese as soon as the weather starts to get cold.  Of these tenants, their individual storage needs are quiet different, and we are here to accommodate them all.  For those of you who have decided to rent out your homes, you may be left with the daunting task of storing all of the items presently in your home.  We have storage units that can accommodate the items from 4 bedroom home, a 10’ x 40’ storage unit, to 1 bedroom apartment, a 10 x 10 storage unit, as well as any size in between.  Depending upon what items you choose to keep or part with, we here at Storage Station can make sure that you have all the room you need to keep your items together.

Besides just a vast array of sizes, we also offer a variety of options regarding unit type, hours of access, and ease of access.  After working all those years and accumulating a plethora of items, you may be may be more comfortable storing in one of our climate controlled units.  A climate controlled unit is a heated/cooled environment.  The temperature never gets below a set degree in the winter, meaning the heat kicks on, and never gets above a set degree, meaning that the air conditioner kicks on accordingly.

Besides offering climate controlled units, we also have units that are conveniently located both in the interior portions of our buildings as well as units that are drive up accessible, each with its own up sides.  Some prefer to be able to pull right up to the unit, open the door, deposit or collect their items, and be on their way.  No extra door ways to go through, no corners to turn, and no stairs to deal with.  On the other hand, we tenants who prefer to have a coded door located on the exterior of the building which someone has to go through even before they get to their self storage unit.  We have many size options with either of the types of accessibility.

Now regardless of the type, size, or accessibility, none of these mean much if you can’t access the units when it’s’ convenient for you.   Not everyone functions best during normal “banker’s hours”.  Some of you may be night owls, so a facility that only grants you access to your unit between a set time frame, may not be what you’re looking for.  In West Milford, Storage Station has two locations, with a variety of hours of access to best suit your needs.  We have portions of our facility that you can come and goes as you please, 24 hours of the day or night, whenever you prefer.

You are going to be spending your golden years enjoying all of the things you’ve wanted to for your entire life, don’t let something as easily taken care of as the storage of your items, deter from the joy of seeing the Eiffel Tower, or visiting your grand kids in California.

Stop by your local Storage Station to see how we can help you enjoy your all of the things you’ve been dreaming off.

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