Sunday, May 11, 2014

Organize Your Kitchen to Prepare For the Holidays.

Pull-Out Storage
Pull-Out Storage

We know that Halloween just passed, but the signs of the holidays approaching are becoming more and more apparent. Stores are putting their holiday decorations out, holiday commercials are starting to air, and Starbucks even has their red holiday cups out! So don’t let yourself get behind in the hype of the holidays. You know what you have to do so get ahead while you have the time. One way to get ahead is by organizing your kitchen so you are prepared to cook for the holidays.

The first step you will want to take is to get any items you don’t use often that you may have stored away. Think of all the kitchen items you’ll need for your holiday cooking and baking and make sure they’re available and ready in your kitchen.

Next you’ll want to make sure the items in your kitchen are in an order that makes sense. Keep like items together in your cabinet so they are easy to find. You may also want to invest in items that will assist in your organization, like this CanSolidator from Costco, which will make it easier to organize the cans in your pantry (and keep them from “hiding” other items). Items like a Lazy Susan in your cabinet will make it easy to get to those items in the back, especially for smaller items that you may have a lot of like spices. Another great tip is to hang items that you can, like aprons and potholders, to keep them from crowding up your drawers.

We suggest you get started on organizing your kitchen because the holidays are going to sneak up on us soon. Once you do that, you may even want to start taking your holiday decorations out of your self storage unit at LifeStorage.


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