Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Self Storage Facilities Helping The Local Community

In today’s face paced me-me-me society, many in our local communities have adopted a what have you done for me lately attitude, which is prevalent in many industries , and all of us have had to adapt to and deal with.  It’s not uncommon for long standing business relationships to be cast aside for the bigger better deal, or the new guy on the block with a catchy commercial.  Gone are the days of mom and pop shops and locally owned businesses making up the economic structure for our towns, and here are the days of big business and corporations taking a foothold in our small town communities.  While we all enjoy a good discount when buying an entire years worth of toilet paper and sandwich meat by the entire log, some of us still remember going in to Mr. Williams’ candy store with our allowance and walking out with a giant bag of sugar.  For some of us, paying a little extra for our gas or groceries is worth it to keep our local privately owned businesses afloat.

We here at Storage Station have made our way in the local community by not forgetting where it is we came from and who helped us get here.  Many of our tenants are contractors that have gone through the same ups and downs that those of you reading this have.  They’ve all had to deal with the slowdown of the economy.  They’ve all been affected by the bottom of the housing market falling out along with the local construction work drying up, not to mention the outright loss of people’s jobs and homes.  Besides our contractors, we also have many tenants in our local service and retail industries, whom have either had to downsize to smaller facilities or temporarily shut up shop while trying to get everything straightened out with their finances enough to reopen their doors.  While some of our tenants have been lucky enough to be able to reopen their shops or keep their business alive in these tough times, all of our tenants know that we’ve been here with an empathetic ear and an understanding mind set.  Through these past few years, we here at Storage Station have been here to assist our local communities in any way we can, including working hand in hand with our tenants to help find them work, allowing them to market in our facilities.

While we are always willing to go the extra mile to help out storage unit tenants, that’s not the only way we are helping our local communities maintain viability and strive to grow.  Lost in the shuffle of everyday life, many of us forget out four legged friends who have been displaced or abandoned due to the inability of their families to take care of them.  As most of you know, our local animal shelters are over run with animals, short on staff, and low on supplies.  While we may not be able adopt all of these animals ourselves, many of our facilities have taken steps to help assist in the later two shortages.  Some of our Storage Station facilities have organized food drives for local animal shelters, and are currently discussing possible pet adoption days for the upcoming months.  Units have been donated for collection purposes and at the end of the drives, all food is taken to the partnering animal shelter, where it is used and greatly appreciated by all involved.

While the pets are taken care of through shelters and adoptions, the families that once loved them are in need of assistance as well.  Many of our local communities have state or privately run shelters to help the temporarily displaced, get back on their feet.  Many of our self storage facilities have shelters located within a few miles of our properties, and pair up with these organizations to assist them in finding donations and supplies.  Our facilities hold food and clothing drives with donated units, which often have large turnouts with ample clothing and food donations, allowing these facilities to operate with a little more breathing room and less stress.  Not only that, but our storage facilities try to keep the numbers of these charitable organizations on speed dial, so to speak, so that any time our tenants have items that they no longer want, we place a phone call and donate these items as they become available.

Besides simply being a drop off locations for the previously mentioned items, we also take a proactive role in getting involved with our surrounding communities through seasonal festivals, events, and even sporting teams to assist in their fundraising efforts.

Storage Station often sponsors local youth sporting teams, allowing them to purchase new uniforms, food for the concession stands, and new equipment for their teams.  We also rent booths at local festivals and hold games with prizes for the children, with the booth rental fees going toward various community improvement projects and charitable organizations.  A community is only as strong as those who make it up, so we are constantly on the look out to find new and better ways to help bolster our local communities.

As the landscape of our surrounding communities continue to change, with people moving into and out of our towns, a bit of continuity and stability is something we can all appreciate and lean on.  Some of our facilities date back 30 plus years, and have seen the economy change vastly.  One thing that hasn’t change is our continued involvement and dedication to serving our local areas, and our willingness to help those who need it.  With major mega stores in nearly every town, and family owned restaurant giving way to fast food franchises and take out chains, it’s refreshing to see our small town communities starting to thrive again and retake some of the ground we’ve lost.  As a long lasting local business, we at the Storage Station know how important it is for the members of those communities to band together and support each other.  We realize that one of the main reasons that our self storage locations have been able to survive during these tough economic times is through the support of our local communities, and we pledge to continue to do our part to help support those who have supported us.

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