Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spring Cleaning and More … Start Now!

It’s that time of year again.  The snow is starting to melt, the sun is staying out longer and we’re even seeing some warmer temperatures in the forecast.  This can only culminate to one thing…Spring Cleaning!  This year, instead of moving your items from one room to another or another or anywhere, just because there’s an empty corner, consider a self storage unit.  No matter the size of the domicile, you can always use more space when there’s a major cleaning event or renovation at hand.  If you want to get a jump on things, start now before the warmer months and everyone else starts to get the same idea at the same time.

Holiday decorations, they are a perfect example of items that clutter a home.  Keeping them in boxes tucked away in a damp basement isn’t ideal.  Keeping them in a self storage unit is the perfect solution.  The skis, snowboards, etc. are other seasonal items that take up space for months at a time collecting dust.  Be sure to wax the bottom of the skis and boards and stand them upright.  This will ensure they’re ready for use at the next snowfall.

After tax season is done, self storage is a good way to keep boxes of tax records, statements and receipts, without having them clutter your home.  At Storage Station of Wayne, we sell file boxes and other sized boxes for paperwork, children’s toys, clothing, etc., for easy packing and identification of contents.

After years of living in a home, a basement is overrun with collected “treasures”, childhood nick-nacks and other things that haven’t been looked at for years.  If what you’re looking for isn’t in the basement, it could be 3 flights of stairs above you in the attic.

It would be nice and convenient to have all those treasures located in one centralized location.

Utilizing self storage for your seasonal clothing is a great way to save yourself time.  Looking through sweaters and other heavy winter clothing is troublesome and time consuming.  Pack up your winter clothes and get them in to self storage to make room for your summer wardrobe.

If you plan to store large pieces of furniture, paintings, mirrors, etc., think about using some blankets to wrap around them for their safe keeping while moving.  Every corner and doorway is a potential scuffed, scratched or broken piece of furniture.  You can save yourself some heartbreak and expense by covering your items with blankets that would be put in big bulky boxes.

Self storage is not a place to have things with a shelf life such as food that will spoil, melt and/or smell bad.  If you store a refrigerator, make sure it is cleaned thoroughly before storing.

You also cannot store flammable or explosive items such as gasoline, paint thinners, propane tanks, corrosives, etc.

If you are planning to relocate, we all know now from watching the “Do It Yourself” television programming, you need to stage your home for maximum appeal.  To make any room look larger, you need to remove excess furniture and clutter.

Focal points in a room are important.  A fireplace should have minimal items on its mantle, but not be empty.  A large garden window could be displayed with a small table and a beautiful vase.  Photos of your family and friends should not be left in a room.  The home should look ready to be lived in, but not lived in.  Even though you may still occupy the home, moving your items in to the garage isn’t an option.  The entire home, including the garage, needs to look as spacious as possible for potential buyers to imagine their belongings in the space.  You’re not selling them your home; you’re selling them their home!

You never know how long a period a home will be on the market.

Having your items in a self storage unit will make that time as convenient for you as possible.  Having 24 hour access to your belongings is important and at Storage Station of Wayne, we give you that access.  You don’t have to wait for a member of our staff to open the facility.  With your own personal access code you have the freedom to get to your stored items when it’s convenient for you.  Our 24 hour access is very convenient for those who ride motorcycles, yet don’t have an enclosure or garage to keep it.

Event planners and workers who get out of work at irregular hours have access to their equipment when their work calls for it.

There is no time constraint.

There are so many uses for self storage and it’s to your advantage to utilize the extra square footage it gives to your home.  Take a pad and pencil and complete an inventory of things around your home that aren’t utilized, but are not ready to be disposed of, and you can get a jump start on your spring cleaning.  A self storage unit gets all your clutter out of your home and out of the way.  As you box up your belongings and start opening up the spaces in your home, you can consider a new paint job for each room.  Need new carpeting?  Are your hard wood floors scuffed and stained by wet, salty shoes and paws?  Having a storage unit at Storage Station of Wayne, you can accomplish these tasks without having to clutter your home and you can do them at your own pace. When the tasks are complete, your home is like new and clutter free.

Renting a self storage unit at Storage Station of Wayne is the perfect way to give you that much needed space for such time consuming work.  Storage Station is located at 2354 Hamburg Turnpike, Wayne, NJ, 07470.  Our phone number is 973-616-8700.  Please call or visit and one of our experienced staff members will answer any questions or give you a tour of the facility.  You can also visit our website at  We pride ourselves on our exemplary customer service.

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