Saturday, May 17, 2014

Spring Has Sprung Now It’s Time To Clean Up

As the bitter cold days of winter have given way to the slightly warmer days of early spring, all of those “I’ll get to that tomorrow” projects, are ready to be done.  So begins our annual task of getting our homes and yards ready for all of the fun that the sunshine of Spring and Summer bring.  Before we can shed our winter coats, snow boots, gloves, and sleds, for shorts, t-shirts, sandals, and golf clubs (or fishing poles depending upon what your into), the daunting task of spring clean up hangs around our neck like a 20 pound weight.  As the first days of 50 plus degree weather arrive, many of our significant others have already started gently “reminding” us of all of the projects around the house that we promised to get to when it got warmer.  Each year we go through the same thing, all the while swearing that next year will be different.  Well this year, let’s say it and REALLY MEAN IT, while letting us here at the Storage Station help.

Now as you read this, you may be thinking, “How can a storage unit help me with my Spring clean up?”, so let’s take a few moments to go over the advantages of self storage in regards to the yearly springtime malaise.  First and foremost, we all have those rooms of our house, whether it be the garage, spare room, attic, basement, or shed, where we constantly leave (or drop as most of us do) items for the “short term”, but more often than not, that short term stay in the basement is more like a life sentence for whatever gets sent down there.  Whether it’s your basement or whatever other hiding space you have, each spring, one of the first projects we tackle is cleaning up all of those neglected areas.  We know each year, at nearly the exact same time, we find ourselves surrounded, waist high in boxes of Christmas decorations, last season’s clothes, sports equipment, and whatever else we have laying around.  Each year, we spend countless hours taking care of these clean ups, never really thinking that there’s a much easier way to avoid these projects, all the while keeping everything nice, neat, and organized.

The answer my friends, is a self storage unit.  If you think about the amount of items that we keep, for whatever reason it may be, and the time spent cleaning up, searching through, and organizing all of it, keeping everything in a storage unit can make your life so much easier, saving yourselves time and mental stress.  Here at the Storage Station, many of our tenants have gone the extra step and installed removable shelving systems in their units allowing them to keep all of their items organized and easily accessible throughout the year.  Each Spring, I see tenants coming to their units with everything they know they won’t be using for the upcoming months, and swapping them out for the items they and their children will use to enjoy the warm weather to come.  If you think about how long it takes you to go through everything at your house, all the hours spent sorting through or searching for items you know are in some corner of the basement, I’m sure you’d be willing to admit that this is not a quick project, and the time spent could be used in much better ways.  Keeping these exact same items in a storage unit, would cut this time down significantly, being that everything is already together in one place and organized, as opposed to spread out over 3 or 4 different places around our house.  I’m sure that we can all use more time, whether it be spent working on a hobby, or spending time with our children, and every “extra” minute we can gain doing something we enjoy is impossible to put a price on.

Storage Station is not only a great place to store your household items, like clothing and decorations, but it’s also a great place to keep your toys, and I’m not talking about your kids’ dolls and toy trucks.  We offer a wide array of storage options to help save you money and space, when it comes to the storage of your boats, trailers, and campers or Recreational Vehicles.  Now we all know that no one takes their boat out on a frozen lake, and not everyone is interested in driving their RV in the middle of a snow storm, but now with the warmer weather setting in, we’re starting to take the covers off of our weekend fun machines, and get them ready for summertime enjoyment.

Whatever your warm weather enjoyment may be, everything takes up space, with boats ranging in size from 15 feet long up to 26 plus feet, and RVs coming in all sorts of lengths and sizes.  Regardless of the size of your recreational item, you’ve got to put it somewhere, whether that means leaving it the drive way or storing it off property.  We’ve all done the driveway shuffle, meaning moving this car here and that car there so we can get the boat out, or squeeze the RV into a space barely big enough to fit it.  This involves moving multiple vehicles, and having your spouses and or kids come out and help you get everything where it should be.  Seems like a lot of aggravation for something that is supposed to be fun.  Here at Storage Station, we have many outside parking spaces available to help you get that boat or RV out of your drive way.

For those of you that own a boat and trailer, you know that looking for a place to store everything during the peak boating season is never a fun or easy task.  Just a little something to consider while going through this process, most marinas charge varying rates depending upon what time of year it is, we here at Storage Station charge one constant rate to store your boat and trailer, regardless if it’s off or peak season, and our rates are highly competitive perhaps even less than your local marina is charging.  We all enjoy being out on the water, whether it be fishing with the guys, or cruising out on the water with our families, and saving money on the storage of our boats will help but a little extra gas in the tank, and more smiles on our faces.

As the smell of fresh cut grass and the sounds of children playing outside, replace the sound of the plow going by and slippery walkways, it’s safe to say Spring has arrived.  I think we can all agree that our time is best spent with family and friends doing the things we enjoy, and not cleaning basements and sheds.  Come visit us here at your local Storage Station and let us help you get back to doing the things you love.

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