Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Take Care of the Customer

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Property managers are more than happy to help the everyday storage customer any way they needed it. Not every customer can be helped, but a good property manager will give a valiant effort and do what they can in order to take care of the customer. That is the name of the game, taking care of the customer. If you are in the position of property manager and customers walk out of the store unhappy, you are at fault. There are currently property managers in the self storage industry that will consistently turn away a ready to rent customer. They have to weeded out and terminated. Why though would a manager treat a customer that way?

As a property manager you have to do your best in order to get customers to rent with you. The more people that rent with you, the better you look and people will start to realize how great of a facility you have. The more you help a person the more the word will spread. Some managers will say that it is not a hard task to rent to people. The people walk into their facility and say that they need storage and the manager finds what they need then rents them a space. Some managers are very good about renting spaces to people who walk in their door.

Many people say that customer service is lost and no one has great customer service any more. That can not be further from the truth. In the self storage industry some property managers say that having great customer service over their competition wins them customers. If you look at other companies some will not take the time to do different things in terms of how they treat the customer. Some places might not even acknowledge the customer just walked in the door. How can you expect to get more people to rent with you if you can’t even say hi as they walk into your establishment?

Customers pick up on how they are treated in a self storage facility. They just want to be treated the way they feel they deserve. Now there are some companies that decide to take it too far and might go over the top when it comes to their service. They also have the possibility of scaring people off. No customer wants ridiculous service when they just simply want a storage space. We need to make sure that we just are doing as the customer wants and sometimes go above and beyond to ensure they know they are getting taken care of. Property managers make sure that they are fulfilling any promise to the customer. That will get you the most recognition when you follow through with what you told them. Customers will find out about your facility from all kinds of different ways. Now that they found you and they meet you, it’s time to razzle dazzle them. Of course do not be fake and just show them what makes your company stand out over theirs.

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Source: http://www.propertymanagementblog.com/take-care-of-the-customer/

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