Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Art of Moving and Storage

The art of moving and storing, yes it is an art in all reality. Some of us are very good at it and the rest of us just wing it and hope for the best. Any of us who have a long distance move are probably more prepared, I do say probably only because there are the few, like myself, who are better at the last minute.

There is a time limit to get things done because if the truck shows up and you’re not ready it’s total mayhem and with or without you that truck is ready to go, and go they will. So preparation is everything. There are boxes to pack and label. And I know from experience that labeling is key to any move. When you have help whether from family or someone you have hired, an unmarked box always winds up in the wrong area. And it is always something you need immediately so now it becomes a mission similar to where’s waldo, or finding a needle in a haystack, tedious and time consuming.

So you start far ahead of time to make sure all you i’s are dotted and all your t’s are crossed. The movers come and load all your belongings. when you get to your new destination and they unload it all to your new home unpacking is so much easier when everything is stored in the proper containers and all your boxes are marked as to which room in the house they go, nothing more frustrating than looking for your bathroom items and finding them mixed in with the kitchen utensils.

Moving is by far the most exhausting thing any of us have done. when you have lived in a home for many years you accumulate items, and if you now are moving into a smaller place it can go two different ways, you have sheer moments of joy purging all the stuff you really don’t need or sadness over the stuff you may not use or need but have happiness attached to them and now need to pass them on to your children or friends or even the random yard sale shopper because there is just no place for them in your new home.  So you pack the must haves into boxes. now i have 3 different size boxes that i sell and the one I find the most useful is the medium size box, it never gets heavy no matter how much you put in there, and i always remind anyone who inquires about box sizes when they get ready to put their items into storage that the smallest size box is great for books, I have struggled with boxes of books personally, i still read books printed on paper, as much as I love my ipad there is nothing like turning the actual paper pages of a book J but they can be extremely heavy when a lot of them are boxed together. And unless you’re Hercules you will have a problem carrying them up a flight of Stairs.

I compare moving and storing to art, it is indeed a form of art work getting things into a particular sized space. An artist has a canvas to work with, some are really large and some are small, like our storage units. We have really large ones like a ten by thirty foot unit which can accommodate just about anything and then you go to the other side of the grid which is a five by five unit. Now all of my units are eight feet in height, but I find most people do not look at the height until i point it out, then you see the light bulb go on and the possibilities are somewhat endless.

Storage space is just that, space. And you should always utilize all the space you have, not just what you see at eye level, but the big picture. when an artist looks at a canvas he paints the whole thing, from top to bottom so we should always do the same, imagine walking into the met and only the bottom half of all the canvas’s are painted and the tops are left blank, you would definitely question why on earth they look like that.

And the pictures would leave you in a state of confusion for sure.  The metropolitan museum of art is one the largest museums in the world, it originally opened to the public in 1880, just imagine the amount of space all dedicated to art J the fantastic thing about the museum , other than the art of course, is that the building itself with its immensely high ceilings is art also, like most people they are there for the paintings and sculptures, but next time you go take the time to look at the construction of the building itself, exterior and interior, if you were to strip away everything and leave just the building you would most likely feel a little intimidated by the vast size of the building. Since it was built back in the 1800’s there is nothing sleek and modern about the building which i find absolutely beautiful. Masons are a phenomenal breed of people, they craft instead of build, unlike the construction of today where most is just plain and simple and personally I find a bit boring to look at. the museum’s beaux-arts fifth avenue facade and great hall, designed by the architect and founding museum trustee Richard Morris hunt, opened to the public in December 1902 the entrance hall when you first come is grand and tells of the fabulous stuff that awaits you in the many halls and rooms throughout the building itself.

Like any great work of art it took years for the building to be completed and of course additions to the building were added over time as well.  i laugh as I type thinking of the amount of storage space in just the basement alone!!!! J I talk of eight feet in height to my visitors looking at the units trying to figure out how much space they will need and what they might be storing, like the museum we all have are treasures to keep safe. where we use boxes they use massive crates to keep things organized, of course their ceiling height is more for the dramatic effect where ours is really how much we can fit is the space provided.

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