Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Empty Nest Conundrum

As children get older and they don’t need their parents as much anymore, we find ourselves thinking about what we are going to do when they leave home.  Do we stay in the house?  Move to a smaller place?  Move to another state?  Travel abroad?  What would we do with all of the mementos?  This condition is known as “empty nest” syndrome.  Not all parents are afflicted by this mental confusion of what to do with themselves after their children no longer need their undivided attention!  The below story is an example of one couple who we helped get through this trying time…..

We have a tenant who decided to down-size when the last child leaves the house for good!  Before they started the exhausting job of rifling through all the years of memories that have piled up since they first purchased the house and had a family, they contemplated the best way to tackle this job.  The children’s bedroom furniture will need to be stored.  How do we handle doing this?  What about all the trophies and tchotchkes they collected over the years?  Where do we put all this stuff?  What do with them……?

What better way to store all of these precious items than in a self-storage unit!  After a visit with the staff at Storage Station in West Milford, we walked them through the process of renting a self-storage unit.  As they were new to the world of self-storage, we took the time to explain to them the ins and outs of unit rental.  They also purchased boxes of different sizes and shapes; packaging tape; bubble wrap and a new lock.

So as to keep the job of moving everything to a maintainable chaos, they started by putting each of their children’s things into the boxes.  They had purchased wardrobe boxes to keep old costumes, christening outfits and specially made clothing that the kids have used over the years.  They started to go through all the years of great artwork and school achievements that were put into file boxes easily labeled for each child.  And all of those tchotchkes collected from grandmothers and other family members will need to be stored away since the new house will be smaller.  The bubble wrap and packaging tape they purchased will be used to ensure that those special items are protected properly.
With all this work of going through old items, they were able to clean-up not only the children’s items, but their own as well.

Because of the storage unit, with each passing holiday, they were able to tuck away the past holiday’s items and easily obtain the next holiday or season’s things.  The couple found that by having this self-storage unit they were able to better keep track of and keep organized all of the items that they didn’t use on a daily basis.  No more walking hunchbacked in the crawl space for items that they could easily access in a walk-in unit.  No more trying to fit winter sweaters into small spaces under the beds or leaving them in the closet because you can’t find any other place for them!  No more packing the “work-out” room with the Christmas decorations!  The couple actually started to use their garage again now that all of the items were placed in the storage unit!

After the children were gone and the couple downgraded to a great new condo, they realized how uncluttered and easy having a storage unit had made their lives.  They were left with space for their things and still had access to all of their other belongings.  A self-storage unit can make life easier.  It is always a pleasure to see this couple stop by the office and tell us how they are doing.

Jet setting around the U.S.A. visiting places they always wanted to see.  Yet, still having a place to call home with their belongings available to them at all times.

Since the children are grown, they have now become new tenants.  The daughter is a professional dancer and often travels around the country and the world.  She has a unit for her personal costumes and other memorabilia.  The son is a contractor who just started his own business and needed a place for his tools.  He frequents the facility often.  When they visit the facility, it is a great pleasure to see them and help a second generation of tenants!

This story is just one of many that can be told about our tenants.  A self-storage facility is so much more than just a business.  With this family, we were able to help them bring their personal lives under control.  We helped them through a time when their personal lives were changing and shifting.  We have tenants who are contractors, electricians, musicians, production companies, etc.  We are called upon daily to help people from all walks of life.

People new to the Jersey area, locals who just need a place for their things, professionals who need to store their items.
We have other tenants who have been with us for many years.

They have become like family.  They stop by occasionally, even just to say hello!  We have new tenants who are unsure of how to properly use a self-storage unit.  We are here to help!  We have the products that can help make the move run smoother!  We have trucks that can be rented!  We have moving blankets, hand trucks, all the materials needed to make your transition as easy as possible.

Our managers and employees main focus is the tenant.  Need a new lock?  Have a question about a bill?  Need to change an address?  Want to set up a pre-payment plan?  Need a larger/smaller unit?  It is our pleasure to help our self-storage tenants on a daily, weekly and yearly basis.

As 2013 comes to a close, may we look back at the past year with fondness and look forward to 2014 bringing us prosperity and joy.  Happy New Year to All!

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