Friday, May 16, 2014

Tips on Taking Photos for Social Media

We’re now living in an era where people hardly have the attention span to read more than 140 characters. The need for brevity in social media makes pictures the perfect tool to tell the story of your self storage facility. Pictures can do wonders for your marketing and help persons to see exactly what they are in store for. People love visuals and there are just certain things that work better in a picture than in text. No matter how much you detail the size and condition of a unit, a picture will help to communicate what you are trying to show much more clearly. When taking pictures for social media, there is a lot more to it than just pointing and shooting a camera. Here are a few tips that will help to take outstanding pictures to help in self storage marketing:

Watch the lighting – Lighting is one of the most important elements when it comes to taking a good photograph. Think about everything you would like to highlight about your facility and ensure that the lighting is sufficient in all areas. If you are showing potential customers how clean the facility is, then the units should be very well lit. Having sufficient lighting helps to make pictures more clear. The short life span of pictures in social media means that it is important that it doesn’t take too long for people to get the idea of whatever they are viewing. Also, if you are taking pictures of people (for instance for employee profiles), always remember to have the subject stand away from the light. This will reduce the amount of shine that is often seen in many pictures.

Use the pictures to tell a story – Try not to take the most obvious shots. Instead of a picture of an empty self storage unit, you can take a picture of a unit that is stocked with various items to give people an idea of what can fit inside a unit. Remember that most people are trying self storage for the first time. Therefore, putting a bed and several chairs into a unit give a better idea than just giving the dimensions.

Make good use of color – There is a reason why we always see bright colors in marketing and advertising material – color catches people’s eyes. Therefore, choose colors that clearly communicate your message. You can search for many color tutorials online that explain the meaning behind each color and the feeling that each evokes. Play with filters as well to make pictures stand out even further.

Pictures in social media can help to drive the point home. Social networking sites like Instagram and Facebook that rely heavily on pictures are the perfect place to test our your new photography skills. Remember that you may have to adapt pictures according to the platform you are using. Sites such as Pinterest can even be used for SEO purposes since it can link back to your self storage website and drive even more online traffic to your business.


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