Sunday, May 18, 2014

Tweak Your Online Strategy with Google+

There are so many changes being implemented by Google that it may be difficult to keep up with everything on a consistent basis. Google has added a new feature to their arsenal. They have added Google Analytics information to the Google+ dashboard of company pages. This could be helpful, especially for companies that are location based.   

The way this works:

If your company already uses Google+ and links to your site, and you also use Google Analytics, you will see a Google+ card on your dashboard. This will show you a total of new visitors, unique visits and views of your pages for the site that is currently linked to that particular page for the prior 30 days. It also includes the percentage change so you can gauge how well your site is doing.

There are other cards on the dashboard to assist you as well:

  • Notifications – this will record all the notifications you have received that are specific to that particular page.
  • Business Insights – this will give you detailed information on the reach and discovery of your site on Google’s Search and Maps.
  • Analytics – this will keep you in the know on that particular site.

Other recent changes within the Google platform:

  • The interface - Google has now gone completely corporate with most of their transition incorporating Google gray. Additionally, the Google Analytics logo has been altered to remove the familiar circular data points of the two-tone orange Google Analytics logo.
  • Customized Reports – this is now a link that has been renamed “Customization” at the top of the page located between Reporting and Admin.
  • Shortcuts – it is now located on the left side of the navigation screen.

With so many changes being implemented, it’s imperative for companies to strengthen their online strategies and make it a priority to track their site and developmental goals to achieve a positive ROI. There are more changes on the horizon for Google, so attempting to make a valiant effort to just improve page ranking will prove futile.

Google+ is looking to enhance the user experience and is ramping up their content authorship efforts. Although Google+ works similarly to Facebook, the interface and intention is entirely different. Truthfully, Google holds all the cards, and when it comes to networking and business, it would be prudent to tailor your strategies around the goals Google has set for making an impactful online presence. There is no “one size fits all” strategy, especially when you are dealing with multiple industries, but every little bit counts.

Make sure you are incorporating all the elements of a successful campaign strategy – good content, social media metrics, user engagement and most of all, authenticity. These will assure you a place on Google’s radar that is organic and homegrown. Trying to buck the system, as most people have found out with the Panda and Penguin updates, has been nothing but a nightmare. Google is being very vocal about their expectations. It would be very wise to listen.


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