Saturday, May 31, 2014

Using the Right Packing Material

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I often talk to people who need a storage unit.  It seems that those who need a small space usually store things in totes.  Mostly they store clothes or small items.  I would hate to use small bags or even boxes to store my belongings. Unfortunately there are some facilities that do not do a great job of maintaining their facility and keep the rodents and bugs out. If that is the case then you will have issues keeping your clothes protected.

In addition to that bags can’t hold very much (unless you use a garbage bag), and they don’t stack.  That makes it really hard to organize your space.  If they rip, ALL of your things come out, and they fall over as well. It is definitely not a great idea to keep your belongings in a bag.

You can usually find free boxes at your location discount retailer, so why waste your time on bags? You can definitely drive around to your different grocery stores in the area to see if they have boxes that they want to throw out. You could find gold with finding some sturdy boxes. If you can’t find good boxes, you can always use totes. They are good to stack and keep safe in your storage unit.

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