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When you Google the word Self-Storage

When you Google the word storage the initial definition comes up as  the capacity of a device to hold and retain data
now if you change the wording to ask for the definition of storage it comes up as

a. The act of storing goods or the state of being stored.
b. A space for storing goods.
c. The price charged for keeping goods stored.

Now dependent on the field you work either definition is pretty accurate, we can extend the word storage further in all honesty, as further described in the definition it can relate to goods, as if to say i am off to the grocery store…. you see they are a storage facility like us yet they store items that we eat as well as cook with, you can pretty much walk into any grocery and find pots and pans and utensil to cook with as well as your choice of meal items.

We however are not in the business of perishables, we are here to store all the other stuff .

And to further the definition process as defined below…….

: space where you put things when they are not being used
: the state of being kept in a place when not being used : the state of being stored somewhere
: the act of putting something that is not being used in a place where it is available, where it can be kept safely, etc. : the act of storing something.

Here 1-3 are all really stating the same thing when it comes down to the definition, it’s all about space for stuff you may not use on a daily or even monthly basis but you need or want at some point in the near future. We are definitely a society of material things, most homes have 2 cars, if your children are of driving age then add yet another, while most homes have at least a 1 car garage it doesn’t leave room for any others. Often during the winter months we have people move their cars and motorcycles in due the weather, I have a few recurring such people who come in the fall and are out in the spring only to return again the following season. We are remiss to give up our stuff even if we do not use it on a regular basis, so we look for a safe spot to store all of our things. Apartment dwellers use spaces like a ten foot by ten foot for holiday items are pretty much a regular here. There are also your tenants who are travelers and don’t necessarily want to travel with all their extra belongings, yet at some point will be in need of their items. We all need storage, I was joking with my mechanic the other day about storage…  now my sister has decided to utilize my most awesome mechanic so we trade cars when she is in need of service. The most recent service appointment had a whole bunch of information about her alignment, and I said to my mechanic that there is no way I have enough storage space in the brain for all the information about my sisters car needs….. indeed please text her any and all info, I am just the driver, literally!!! Now given where I work and he happens to rent here as well I think we almost hurt ourselves laughing so hard at what I said…… I was by no means referring to work it just is on the brain clearly at most times since my day has a lot to do with storage. We only have but so much capacity to retain information, thus computers, smart phones and good old pen and paper to hold excess information. Now take the word capacity, similar to store, yes…… it has to do with the amount something has in occupying a certain area of space…. Yes I looked that up too

: capacity

  1. the maximum amount that something can contain.
  2. fully occupying the available area or space.
  3. the amount that something can produce.

Now as you can see, capacity is store’s cousin in the word arena for sure, some have the capacity to hold loads of information others definitely do not, not that I do not love my sister and will help her if I can with just about anything, but really, and she knows this better than any, I just do not have the brain capacity to hold any information directly not related to me, her car for instance, of course I remember her birthday and her children’s birthdays, those are the important things but alignment on her car, no, definitely not. Today with technology so abundant all my mechanic had to do was flip her quick text and they were good, she can store all the information about her automobile and I get to store the info about mine and well my mechanic can decipher who is who based on the color because we happen to have the exact same car, make and model and year, just different colors.

And well the computer at the auto shop has all the information stored in its files to be accessed at any given time. When we store things, anything really, material items, thoughts, information regarding work or hobbies we all need space, and depending on what we are storing depends on how much space we need. Too much stuff in the garage and no place to park the car…… call us and we can take your extra items and find a suitable size for your belongings and then you can get that car back where it belongs. We have many different sizes for any variety of stuff. Five by five units for what a few call their extra closet to ten by fifteens to what some consider their workshop. Winter hobbies liking skiing, we have got you covered, even spring time hobbies like 4 wheeling , we have that kind of space too. No matter what the need we have the size to fit .

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