Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Winter’s Over – Properly Store Your Things

When the winter season is over, there is usually a great sigh of relief, especially if it was a harsh winter. Although this time of year is done, you need to make sure you properly store your items so that they will be in good condition when the winter season rolls back around. Good preparation in storing your items will make a huge difference when it’s time to pull your things out. By taking a little prep-time, you will thank yourself later.

Here are a few simple tips:

Keep everything together: This may mean storing your items in one room or in boxes or containers in a self-storage facility.

Clean before your store your items: Make sure you clean all your boots, sweaters and other items to make sure there are no stains. Mend any tears or items that need buttons as well. Cleaning your leather jackets and other outerwear is also a good idea since your items will be stored for a few months. You may want to take those items to a professional dry cleaner before storing them.

Choose the right storage method: Using plastic is a bad idea, as it traps moisture. Try using plastic storage containers or luggage to keep your items in good condition. Although you may want to use cardboard boxes, make sure your items will only be stored in them for a few months. Storage in boxes should only be temporary, especially when packing leather goods. Keep like items together. Delicates should be packed together, overcoats and boots should be packed together, sweaters with sweaters, pants with pants, etc. This will make it easier to find your items when you need them. Make sure your containers are air-tight and do not overstuff. You may want to place a fabric softener sheet in your containers to maintain a fresh smell. You may want to use a wardrobe box to hang up your jackets and overcoats to keep the shape.

Use the right storage options: This will make a big difference in how your clothing is preserved. If using a self-storage unit, climate-controlled options work best, as they will keep your clothing at room temperature and keep out moisture. College students use student storage which is also usually climate-controlled to keep their items secure. If you are storing your items in a garage or basement, be careful of the humidity that may affect your clothing. Location makes a big difference.

Taking the time to properly store your winter clothing preserves your items for a long time. Winter clothing can be very expensive, depending on how cold of a climate you live in, and keeping your items in good condition can save you quite a bit of money over time. It is much cheaper to replace a sweater or pair of pants than it is to replace a warm overcoat.

These are a few useful tips that will help you, and others that will get you through those winter months. Good luck!


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