Monday, May 19, 2014

Woman Indicted After Human Remains Were Found in Self Storage Unit

A bizarre update has followed to the story about mummified remains that were found in a self storage unit in January. If you’re unfamiliar with the story, a human body was found in Econo-Self Storage in Lexington, KY when Social Security Administration (SSA) officials were investigating a financial crime. After an autopsy was conducted, the body was revealed to be a white, adult male but no cause of death could be established. Four months later, developments in the case have led to the discovery of the man’s identity.

The body was revealed to be that of Luther Broughton, an elderly man who was living in Lexington until the time of his death. In a strange twist, Broughton’s daughter, Judith Maria Broughton, 49, was indicted in Texas for stealing his Social Security Benefits. It is reported that Judith Broughton rented the self storage unit specifically to store her dead father’s body. Gary Ginn Fayette County coroner is still unable to say what caused the death of the elderly Broughton or how long his body had been inside the storage unit.

After renting the storage unit in 1990, Judith Broughton as the Econo-Self Storage facility never to contact her. She stayed current on all the payments for unit that was rented in both her and her father’s name. Arrested April 10 in her home in Texas, she is accused of stealing more than $150, 000 in retirement benefits from her father between 1997 and 2011.

The elder Broughton’s checks were mailed to his daughter from 1997 to 2006 and then deposited directly into an account in Texas until 2011. Handwriting samples were ordered by a federal judge in order to determine whether or not Judith had forged her father’s signature on the endorsed Social Security checks.

At this time, Judith Broughton is not being investigated for the death of her father. However, her mother has been missing since March and investigators are trying to determine her whereabouts. However this turns out, we hope to see an end to the disturbing trend of human remains in self storage units.


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