Sunday, June 8, 2014

Are You Keeping Track of Google Search?

You know that Google continuously makes changes to their feature and updates which makes it very hard for businesses to stay on top of things. Every time this occurs, there are some observations that may fall through the cracks. This could be very important to companies that may operate primarily on the web, like a self-storage aggregator. This makes things even more challenging while still trying to maintain a good handle on local search results. Even with social media working optimally, it is very important to understand how the small changes in Google’s algorithm can make a huge impact on how your business operates in the online marketplace

Let’s take a look at some of the recent changes that may have fallen through the cracks:

  • Date selectors - This new feature allows individuals to search different venues such as hotels when planning a trip by filtering specific dates, class and more.
  • Local Results cards - Google is trying to implement answer cards that will bring up more detailed results when using a search word query.
  • Detailed answers to complex questions – Google has advanced past the simple question state to give detailed, informative answers on complex questions. For instance, if you ask about the color blue, the return answer will go into detail on why you see a blue sky, and additional information.
  • Stock cards – Google is testing new enlarged stock report cards which give a lot more information about the stock market and how a particular stock is doing.
  • Distance – There was an announcement on Google Plus that smart device users would be able to get a distance result from any two locations, no matter how far.
  • Search options more streamlined – The search options for Google have become more streamlined, offering detailed, comprehensive information.

Although this may not help your company in the immediate future, there’s definitely something here that will benefit each and every industry. Online marketing consists of a variety of methods, but Google leads the pack in how things are done. Knowing the simple changes that may not have been widely broadcasted can help businesses positively tweak their efforts for lasting results. It’s not about how quick you get to the finish line, but getting there consistently and without circumventing the system.  

Knowing how to craft your position whenever there is a significant change is key, and incorporating these small changes in your everyday strategy can give you some very positive results, especially on the local end. Quite a few businesses don’t realize the value in making local search results a priority, but it is quickly becoming apparent that Google plans to make everyone realize this fact. Additionally, Google has updated their verification process which makes it easier for those companies who originally had to go through the PIN verification which could take up to three weeks. Utilizing these simple steps will keep at the forefront of the social media frenzy and make your business a relevant force within your industry.


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