Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Can You Store Your Husband?

In the United States, a lot of women probably want to, but in China it’s actually happening. “Husband storage” has made a big splash on the Asian continent, using storage facilities that have been converted into lounges where husbands can mingle and relax while their wives go shopping and do other things. The entire concept is clever and quirky, with husbands being “checked in” and retrieved in the same way.

According to a write-up by Smithsonian.com, the facilities “offer a range of activities and services to ‘meet the needs of male customers’ including drinking, snacks, Internet access, smoking and beautiful attendants.” It’s no secret that men flock to environments where they feel like they have some kind of control. These “man-cave” like facilities accommodate the smallest and biggest egos in a discreet way. Depending on the mall, the facilities vary. Some are more exclusive than others. There are facilities that just have benches, some that mirror cafes, some that appear only during a holiday season and some that resemble full-service train stations.

Time.com says that China “proves it’s the world leader in innovation by inventing husband daycare.” While it’s no secret that the United States finds unique ways to utilize storage facilities, this has taken the world of storage to an entirely different level. Consider this a climate-controlled unit with more air conditioning. If this were to become popular in the States, it would do well in high metropolitan areas like Los Angeles, New York, Miami and Chicago.

For those entrepreneurs looking for yet another way to make a mark, this could possibly work. Portable storage units and shipping container housing are very popular on the market now, and the results are always fabulous. Taking some design inspiration and putting it into an environment that will be exclusive to men will go over well. Financing and location could possibly be an issue, but there are many alternatives to getting what you need.  There’s nothing like adding a little variety to the mix. I imagine the U.S. version to be equipped with large screen televisions, video games and of course, have a sports bar theme going on. Although other countries may embrace innovative ideas, once the ide reaches the States, it becomes a completely different environment.

There could be some regulatory boundaries that may need to be checked into, but in the grand scheme of things, having a husband “checked” may not be a bad idea. At least they will be in one place enjoying themselves instead of griping while women travel from store to store. This directly rivals kid “daycare” facilities that are in the mall, which entertain children for a certain period of time. With the husband check-in, there is probably no time limit. During football season, it will probably be just the place to find a lot of testosterone-filled entertainment that will be fun to watch. It’s definitely something to watch for on the coming horizon. Ladies, will you be checking your husband?

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