Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Facebook Continues Their Expansion With Trending Topics

Facebook is ever-changing and consistently involving. That’s important for businesses to know, especially if you are in a niche industry like self-storage or fashion. When putting together your marketing strategy, keeping up with the changes in the market is crucial in the development of your brand and longevity of your business. Facebook has now joined the ranks of social media and added a new feature called trending topics. This feature mirrors the one Twitter has, and will appear on the right side of your news stream right at the top.

For self-storage companies, this could be a good thing, especially if there is a lot of attention surrounding climate-controlled units or customer-service issues within a facility. Why the changes? Facebook is continuously trying to recover their market share that has fallen in certain demographics and areas. People in Miami may migrate toward Twitter or Instagram, depending on the age group. So, how does it work? The algorithm personalizes each topic to the user. Being able to see the topics that are trending overall is there, but specific topics will show up on the page based on individual searches and preferences.

Although it may seem a mystery as to how Facebook will actually figure out what types of stories you may like to see, it does lend credibility to their marketing efforts. Facebook will, of course, attempt to monetize their efforts in some way which could hurt their standing with consumers. With so many changes in social media, the time of governmental regulation may be very near. In the meantime, Facebook continues to make changes that have lukewarm reception with users. Maybe too much too soon? With all the additions of IPO’s and continued purchasing of smaller companies, it’s apparent the fight for the largest market share is here.

Businesses can take advantage of these changes by employing good strategies that make a difference. While employing video, the use of trending topics may very well be the catalyst that helps a company go viral, which over time, translates into cash flow. Although this is a new concept for Facebook, how will it impact Twitter users who have been accustomed to this feature for quite some time? It may not have the anticipated impact, which will propel users to continue using Twitter as the “go-to” source for trending topics and quick information.

A few things businesses can do:

  • Make sure both Twitter and Facebook are being used and monitored regularly.

  • Use video that can be captured and used on both platforms to become a trending topic.

  • Engage users to create inventive ways to start trending topics.

  • Maximize the market share you already have to make an impact.

  • Do not oversaturate your social media vehicles with self-promotion.

  • Keep your audience engaged with fun and interactive solutions.

Employing these strategies will keep your business in balance while effectively utilizing social media in a major way. Keeping up with changes and new developments in the vehicles you use is key.

Source: http://usselfstoragelocator.com/blog_posts/469-facebook-continues-their-expansion-with-trending-topics

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