Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Finding the Best Self-Storage Company for You

When considering a self-storage company, the process can be very difficult. If you live in an area where there is no big name company, the process becomes challenging. Most companies have some sort of presence, even if they are marketing through a mom and pop chain. How can you determine which self-storage company will work for you?

Here are a few things to consider:

  • How big is the chain?
  • How many sizes do they offer?
  • What is the cost?
  • What types of units do they offer?
  • What are the incentives available?
  • Do they have online options?
  • Do they have social media pages?
  • Are there any discounts available?
  • How reputable is the company?
  • Do they work with other companies or have partnerships?
  • Do they offer tips for moving or using the unit?

This is just a snapshot of the questions you may want to think about when deciding which company will work best for you. Location is a huge factor in making the decision, as well as safety. It’s important to feel safe in the area where your facility will be located. Having the highest level of security is also a major consideration. One of the things that most people neglect to do is get into the nuts and bolts of the company. You want to know where they stand in terms of quality, customer services and financial status. You would not want to work with a company that has a bad reputation for not helping their customer, nor would you want to use a company that is in financial trouble.

If you are a frequent traveler, being able to handle transactions with a phone call or online is a very important option for you. Facilities with extended hours is also an important factor for those individuals who have work schedules that will not allow them to visit the facility during standard work hours. Being able to access your belongings when you need them is the number one reason why most customers choose certain facilities.

Additional questions you may want to ask:

  • If more than one unit is rented, is there a discount available?
  • Is there a first month free incentive?
  • What is the insurance offered and can it be forfeited?
  • What does the insurance cover?

Having your list handy to get all these questions answered with a little research can go a very long way in helping you decide which company will be the best option for you. Using your dollars wisely will keep your budget in check while ensuring you have the best company to accommodate your needs. Being proactive will also keep the company on their toes to win your business. Remember – the best companies care about their brand and are always working to improve their services. They understand the power of networking and negative reviews and work very hard to create consistency in everything they do. Once you sign on the dotted line, you become a partner to their success. Leverage your power wisely.


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