Sunday, June 29, 2014

Forum Post: Outsourcing Survey: What qualities do you look for in a provider?

Facility Maintenance Decisions magazine recently surveyed more than 500 maintenance and engineering managers to learn their opinions on outsourcing. We anticipated a range of responses to our survey, and we were not disappointed.

During the next few weeks, we will post some of the more interesting responses we received. You will find, like we did, that managers are passionate about outsourcing, no matter what their experiences have been.

For an article on the results, please click here:

To kick things off, here are a few of the responses we received when we asked, What qualities do you look for in an outsourcing provider?

Past performance is important:

“10+ years in the business and a great credit rating”

“Good reputation with other customers, appearance of sales reps and technicians”

“Has the contractor worked in the hospital environment in the past?”

“Proven expert in field with performance line to back up claims”


Costs are always a factor:

“Knowledge, respectful of owner programs/schedule, long term sustainability, cost”

“Work quality; good price not always the lowest”


Many managers say they need a team player:

“More knowledgeable than in-house staff and willingness to provide exactly what we need”

“Their willingness to complete the job according to our standards”

“Understanding their effect on our mission”

“True to the plan”

“Heightened sense of urgency, attention to detail, constant communication”


Accountability, expertise, and dependability are also important factors:

“Customer service and doing the job right the first time. Accountability when there is a problem.”

“Dependability, take pride in their work, be on time.”

“Expertise, experience, manpower and warranty”

“How fast can they come in an emergency? Cost. Effectiveness”

“If they are insured, bonded and knowledgeable in the work I am contracting out.”


Finally, this might be a dangerous strategy:

“We use the willy-nilly approach”


Any thing else to add? Please give us your thoughts here.


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