Friday, June 20, 2014

Get a Fresh Start with a Home Refresh.

Fresh Coat of Paint
Fresh Coat of Paint

As another start of a New Year gets underway, it’s time to start fresh with your home as well. There are many affordable ways to give your home a fresh start for the New Year. Take note of our five easy tips below to get your home ready for 2014.

1. Paint. A fresh coat of paint on your walls can make a big difference, but paint can be used on some of your furniture too. Take an old dresser and give it a bright color of paint, and you have a “new” piece for your home to catch the eye of your guests.

2. Light Fixtures. You can get unique light fixtures for a pretty affordable price in stores and online, and these can make a big difference in updating your home. Whether you are looking for a simple or elaborate fixture, this slight refresh will not only provide light to your home, but it will add a touch of your style as well.

3. Stackable Storage. If you have been following along with our blog here, you will know that we have said it before (and will say it again,) nothing is worse for your home than clutter! Help fight the clutter with stackable storage options, and this will make your home look better than you think. Whether you are looking at a shelving unit or just some baskets or Rubbermaid containers on shelves you already have, this organization will take years off your home.

4. Picture Frames. Many people have picture frames around their home, and while we are not suggesting that you throw them all out and go buy new ones, we are suggesting you consider updating the photos in these frames. This will provide a small refresh to your home for less than a dollar per photo usually! How can you say no to that?

5. Storage Unit. One of the best refreshers you can give your home is to take some of the items out of it. If you have a storage unit, you can help keep clutter out of your home (if you are questioning the importance of this, please review tip number three) without having to get rid of some of the items.

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