Sunday, June 1, 2014

Get your chat on with #Storchat!

Let’s face it – social media is very prevalent in every facet of industry, including self-storage. Small, mid-sized and large businesses include digital marketing in all of their strategic plans, as self-storage is an ongoing, consumer-engaged business model. Self-storage has stepped outside of the shadows and has made having any affiliation with storage units a cool thing to do.

In branding the business, there are many outlets that have come to the forefront. #Storchat is the newest addition to the social media empire, increasing the footprint with consumers and self-storage pros. #Storchat is experiencing continued growth in a major way. Use of the hashtag will get your comment seen by the many users of this interface. #Storchat is quickly becoming a valued resource, with featured sessions from industry authorities every Wednesday as a highlight.

For individuals in the business, this is a great way to network and gain insight into how others are handling certain issues within their facilities. This is also a forum where you get to talk about real-life scenarios and find out how others are handling everyday situations. Using Twitter to host such an informative session is smart marketing. By embracing this social media interface, the company not only draws attention to what they are doing, but is also becoming a trusted resource within the industry. This is one of the main reasons for employing social media methods.

A great thing about being on a huge forum is that you get to converse and ask questions on items that may or may not be experiencing, such as providing health insurance for your employees. For large self-storage entities, this is a huge concern to consider with the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act in place. Spacing issues, non-paying customers, and additional ways to market your services are also great topics that can be addressed.

Self-storage companies can benefit from employing social media marketing tactics in every outlet. The use of YouTube and Vine videos continue to take the world by storm. By using these effectively, companies can draw in an entirely new demographic. Tutorial videos or humor-based videos are very popular and quickly go viral.

Taking the time to network and use outlets like #Storchat to interact with others can not only give your company exposure, but also forges partnerships that can benefit your organization. Smaller companies can make a lasting impact when partnering with an organization that has a larger footprint. Using these techniques can go a long way in increasing market share in a subtle, yet effective way. In the world of business, it’s good to assess your strategies on a regular basis to find ways to make a difference.

 Although #Storchat is used primarily for industry professionals, offering once-a-month chat sessions on your own social media account might not be a bad idea. Customers value opportunities to engage with their service providers to answer questions or get information.


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