Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Goodbye My House, Part 4

After 15 years in a natural home, apartment life cannot include sending recycling out with the trash

IMG_2395Okay, this is over the top.

It is the year 2014, but the management of this apartment complex thinks it’s just fine for residents to send items that can be recycled out with the trash instead.

 Why? “Well, there is a fee for management to offer this service to its residents,” the customer service rep at Rumpke, our local trash collector, explains to me on the phone. “It’s hard to say what percentage, but some apartments do offer our services.”

I explain to her that I just can’t make this transition. Maybe my habits are too engrained. Every Wednesday night until we sold and left our home, my recycling was separated from the trash on the curb for Thursday morning pick up. Can I get this service back if I pay for it myself?

“No, not unless your whole community participates, which has to be offered through apartment management,” she says.

I think she senses my despair. This move has meant too many changes, all of which I am trying to turn into positives, not defeat. But it is starting to wear on me. I feel like crying.

“There is something we offer, if you are willing to take your recycling to one of our Drop Boxes,” she says. “It’s a free service, but a lot of people don’t like making a special trip.”

My spirits begin to rise, but I fear this means a 40-minute drive to Rumpke’s facility.

“No,” she says, “We have them all over the city.”

Sure enough, I check the online locator she gives me, and they do! There is one three blocks from here.

Silly me. I should have been able to find this myself. I thank her for her time.

And a scratch one more problem off my list. ©

– Nancy Kibbee is Editor at www.naturalinteriors.com. Her Goodbye My House series posts on Mondays.

Source: http://www.naturalinteriors.com/2014/03/goodbye-my-house-part-4/

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