Monday, June 16, 2014

Guest Blogging Over? Not Quite...

There are many different stories going around the web discussing the possibility of guest blogging going south. Although content creation is the key to keeping your readers engaged, people are finding ways to circumvent the system and publishing content that is not authoritative but very spammy. Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s webspam division has been discussing this in great detail lately, which has given people reason to pause.

What does this mean for the industry? Self-storage companies and other corporations that use guest blogging techniques to gain a large acquisition of links instead of having quality links are in trouble. Lots of companies don’t understand the value of having good content and still use the platform as a way to have multiple links about their own business overtaking the content. A good article does not have to contain a lot of links – if it’s good enough, readers will find it and come back to read more. This is where social media comes in. Companies can use Google+ and Twitter to let their followers know they have new content. Self-storage companies can advertise their business storage units or other offerings.

It’s no secret that if your primary objective is to gain links and not have valued content, you aren’t doing your business any favors. Having quality content is a main reason why people read blogs and interact with businesses. Releasing spammy content sends readers the other way. Content marketing companies can tell you in detail the value having great content adds to your site and your marketing efforts. You’re viewed as an authoritative source, which is important. Another problem with having content that is too spammy - your site starts to get ignored by Google, and you lose credibility.

Your content distribution should be calculated and strategic. Keep in mind that even if you have relevant content, using too many links will hurt you in more ways than one. It’s very obvious to a reader when companies are using links just for popularity, and it devalues the brand. Going to conferences and connecting with experts in the field can help alleviate misusing links as a mask for quality content.

Another issue that is very important and gaining steam is authorship. Your content writers should have a link that sends your readers to their Google+ page or website. You can’t become a trusted source within the industry if you don’t have ways to effectively link your content and writers to your content. If you are doing any of these things or experiencing these problems, it’s time to revamp your strategy and reposition your brand to gain market share and enhance brand identity. The longer you wait, the more of a disservice you are doing to your writers, your brand and your users.

Solicit help from organizations like SCORE who give workshops on good SEO strategies or utilize the value of an online group that can help you out. Time and content is money. Be wise.


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