Saturday, June 21, 2014

How Facebook's Latest Changes Will Affect Your Self Storage's Business Page

Since social media changes so regularly, it’s time for the latest update on Facebook changes that could affect your self storage business Page. In the past five years, Facebook has made several significant changes to boost its revenue. It started with the introduction of Pages for businesses and has evolved into a model that is optimized to bring in as much ad revenue as possible.

One of the latest changes Facebook made was to start penalizing Pages for spammy posts. Pages that posted lots of memes at one point had a very high reach on Facebook. However, the social media giant made changes to its algorithm. reduces the reach of these Pages that post primarily memes. The objective here is to encourage the sharing of quality content.

So, what does this mean for your self storage facility? Well, for one, you should do a drastic overhaul of your online marketing material if you were using these types of posts as a way to attract customers. Since social media is all about connecting with the consumer in an informal manner, many businesses use memes to show a more fun and playful side to the brand. However, using too could harm your marketing efforts on Facebook.

Facebook is further fighting spam by restricting the types of images that can be used for ads. One might think that once you are paying for the ad, you can use any image you like, within reason of course. However, if an image has more than 20 percent text, the ad will be rejected. Since these ads are often displayed in the user’s newsfeed, Facebook wants them to be as organic as possible.

Another important Facebook update is the ability of pages to tag other pages. Once tagged, the post will visible to fans of both pages. For example, you self storage facility’s Facebook page could tag Inside Self Storage and the post would appear in the newsfeed of both the people who like your page, and ISS's as well. This is a very important feature to note because it could significantly increase your reach. If your Page does not have a large following, tagging a page with thousands or even millions of followers would allow your post to be seen by fans of the more well-know Page.

The obvious downside to the new tagging feature is that larger brands will undoubtedly be subjected to tags from other Pages that are trying to increase reach. As a general guideline, you should try to only tag Pages that are directly related to the post you are making in order to avoid being reported for spam. Always aim to create and share good content when marketing your self storage facility on Facebook to avoid being penalized by these new changes.


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