Friday, June 6, 2014

How the Movie Industry Utilizes Self-Storage

It's no secret that businesses frequently use self-storage, but what about those entities that you don't hear much about? The movie industry is one of those businesses that goes on without a second glance unless you're a part of making the movies. Believe it or not, there's a huge need for storage units within this industry.

Movie sets need portable self-storage units which can vary from climate-controlled to auto. You would be very surprised to know where all of their props, clothing, sets and even food is stored. On location, there is a consistent need to have these things on hand. How do you think they get those automobiles to their locations in one piece? While they are waiting to be used, they have to be cleaned and ready. Those units take care of that problem. Expensive car makers allow the use of their vehicles, but there is definitely a clause somewhere that requires their cars to be stored properly.

Interestingly enough, there are many other uses for a storage unit that may not be obvious. Make-up artists on set use units to store the many different tools they need. Every single actor on set has to go through make-up, which means there are tons of different shades of foundations, powders and more. They may even have a unit which serves as a trailer of sorts that can be used in lieu of a tent. Hair is also another reason to have a portable unit. With so many looks that require wigs, extensions and tools like curling irons, clippers and more, there's no way one little bag will accommodate the entire cast. The availability of a unit can save time and money. Storage facilities can also be used and backdrops or even movie sets.

Depending on the needs, these pods can be used to have catered food, have special set meetings and more. One thing that’s scarce when on location is space. By being able to transform these units into whatever it needs to be, the company can be confident in a tangible return on their investment.

The beauty of being able to incorporate these types of units is that they are mobile. A unit can be dropped off at the studio, loaded, and then transported to the set locations without a hitch. If the cast is traveling overseas, those units can be stored at a facility until they return. Location also plays an important part. If you’re in a hot region, having different types of units that can accommodate the needs of the company is important. It’s an all-around winning combination.

If you’ve never thought of how things get from one location to another, now you know. The movie industry is one of the top business entities that utilizes storage pods and more to store what they need, safely transport their goods from one location to another, and have a versatile alternative for a variety of things. With so many improvements being made to these units, the sky is the limit on their uses. Once again, the self-storage industry proves why it continues to become one of the largest in the world.

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