Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How to Effectively Use Google Analytics for Mobile Reports

When using social media and the power of the internet, it’s important to know how to effectively use the tools. Google has repeatedly made changes to their algorithm and how they analyze data. With so many new trends and tools, especially as it relates to mobile media, knowing how to navigate and assess Google Analytics will be well worth the time.

When building your brand, having an effective website and mobile strategy is key. First, you should know what this report does. You will be able to break down your data according to type of device your visitor used for accessing your site, look at the revenue that has been generated (if applicable) and whether or not your site is being converted effectively. These reports can be so detailed that you can determine make, model and service provider of the device as well.

Being able to run these type reports is very beneficial. These reports allow you to identify patterns of web usage from your customers, which will in turn assist in building your brand. Let’s look at how to access these reports:

You will find the mobile analytics report under the Audience tab. From there, you will have two sections, which are Overview and Devices. Each one is specific in the information you can retrieve.

Overview contains the following reports:

  • Device Category, which breaks down whether or not your visitors used a desktop, mobile phone or tablet. This also includes analytics for Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, hand held games and e-readers.
  • Summary ABC, which gives you site usage, goals and ecommerce.
  • Pie charts which give you information on the responsiveness of your site, and also the revenue that may be coming in.

Devices contains the following reports:

  • Mobile Device Information Report. This gives you the name of the device and the model.
  • Comparisons with average use.
  • Mobile device branding.
  • Service Provider which shows in-depth data for your mobile visitors.
  • Mobile Input Selector, which shows how your mobile users navigate through the website. This is very detailed and highlights whether or not your users used a stylus, click wheel, touchscreen and more.
  • Operating System.
  • Screen Resolution. This is very helpful in knowing when and where to make adjustments to provide an optimal viewing experience for your customers.

Having an effective mobile device strategy for your brand is not only good business sense, but shows that your brand is worth doing the research. Being able to assess and analyze data to show where you need to revise or continue building your brand can help you stay on task and become a major force in your field. Every industry, including self-storage, can benefit from these reports, especially online aggregators. By incorporating the tools of choice (mobile technology) into your strategic plan, you open the doors for a variety of consumers that may not have been accessible before. While these reports will help you determine your consumer base, nothing is effective without a well planned strategy. Do your research, plan accordingly and watch your brand grow! 


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