Thursday, June 5, 2014

How to Get Bloggers Interested in Your Self Storage Brand

Let’s face it – trying to marketing your self storage business online can be a bit of a challenge at times. Creating a Facebook page and cultivating a presence on Twitter will only take you so far. In order to really get people to know about what your self storage business is offering, you will need others in the online world to write about it as well. The challenge here is – how do you do it? Bloggers are always looking for fresh new content to cover, but how do you make them aware and interested in your self storage business. Here are a few tips to that will have bloggers knocking on your door to write about your self storage facility:

Use hashtags wisely and creatively – Hashtags are a great way to keep abreast of what is happening in a conversation. However, the misuse of hashtags can cause more of a headache than anything else. Hashtags should be used only when relevant and should neither be too broad or too narrow. Striking a balance might be difficult but when you finally learn how to do so, the payoff will be great. For example, if you are running a self storage promotion, using “#discount” is simply not enough to distinguish your promotion from the hundreds of others in the social media arena. Instead, try putting the name of your brand along with the word discount. This way, you are getting the name of your self storage business out to the public while giving bloggers an easy way to follow the conversation and cover the story.

Identify influencers and establish relationships – Leaving it up to the bloggers to find you may not always work. You have to be proactive. Seek out the top bloggers in the self storage industry and make a connection. Perhaps you can even establish a guest blogging relationship and provide content about your self storage business to them instead of waiting to have a story written. Once you have made the initial connection, keep in constant contact and try to build a long-term business relationship.

Ask for reviews and provide incentives – Communicating with bloggers isn’t just about reaching out directly. If bloggers are going to cover any business, they are interested in what customers have to say as well. Ask you customers to write reviews about your self storage business and provide them with rewards for doing so. The more positive reviews your self storage facility receives, then the greater the chance that someone will be interested in writing a story about it.

Connect in-person as well – While online relationships are important, never discount the value of face-to-face interaction. Look for local gatherings in the self storage industry and attend. Networking can go a long way in terms of building your business. You’ll get the opportunity to meet a lot of industry insiders who can in turn connect you with even more self storage bloggers.

Use social media to build online communities and reach out to both potential business interests and customers alike. The more you establish and grow relationships in the blogging world, the greater the reach of your self storage business.


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