Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How to Leverage Youtube's new comment system for your self storage business

Since purchasing YouTube in 2006, Google has been searching for ways to integrate the video sharing service into its other products. Its latest attempt comes in the form of the new comment feature on YouTube which forces people to use a profile in order to leave a comment. If you use YouTube to make videos to market your self storage facility, then this new update will certainly have an impact on your channel.

Google has been telling YouTube users about the new comment feature for months but this hasn’t stopped a bit of a backlash at the new system. Before the recent update, users were free to leave anonymous comments on YouTube videos. However, Google is pushing for the use of real names, or at least names associated with a profile.

Many content creators on YouTube have complained that since the introduction of the new commenting system, there has been a decline in the number of comments and engagement on their channels. This could potentially adversely affect the YouTube channel for your self storage business. The whole point of using video to engage self storage customers is to not only provide an idea of what your facility looks like and its amenities, but also to capture their feedback. If the new comment system hinders customers from leaving feedback, then this will be a problem.

The widespread opposition to the YouTube and merger is rooted in the fact that anonymity will be a little harder. While there are workarounds – such as creating a separate account under another identity – the crux of the issue is that it provides a great hurdle to anonymous commenting. However, there is an opportunity for you to use this to help in self storage marketing efforts. If you know the identities of the people who comment, then it is easier to follow-up on both positive and negative comments to provide a more personalized experience.

There is also an opportunity to further engage audiences by using the Google+ platform. If your self storage business has an existing page, link it to YouTube and use it while commenting. By doing so, every time you leave a comment on a YouTube video, there is the opportunity for someone to click on your profile and get led back to your page, which should include a link to your self storage website.

Despite how the new comment system has been received, the rationale behind its introduction was to spark conversation. Keeping this in mind, try to revise your content and make it more engaging. For instance, instead of a video that simply showcases your self storage property, you could ask viewers to provide feedback on the things areas they like on your property. By doing so, you are engaging the audience instead of just pushing out content one-way.

The best way to start making the new comment system work for you is to get familiarized on using to market your self storage business. Once you have a completed"> profile, then you will be better able to use all its features to make your self storage facility stand out online from the rest of the competition.


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