Saturday, June 14, 2014

How to Use Self Storage to Free Up Garage Space

It is rare to see anyone use their garage at home to actually house cars. For many of us, the garage is used to store the overflow of items that could not fit in the attic, basement, or under the bed in the spare room. Garages from Miami to Los Angeles and all across America are filled to the brim with summer lounge chairs, snow blowers, grills for summer barbecues, old furniture, speaker boxes for parties, and other miscellaneous items. Most people get a headache when even looking at the clutter that fills up the garage. How would you feel if we told you that it in indeed possible to use the garage for its intended purpose, i.e. storing your vehicle, or even several other uses such as hobby room or extra living space? We know it sounds impossible, especially to all the hoarders out there, but you absolutely can!

Renting a self storage unit is the first step to freeing up the space in your garage but it is not that simple. You want to avoid creating the same mess in a self storage unit as the one that exists in your garage. After all, simply moving over these items to a self storage unit will not do much to eliminate the clutter that exists. You’ll just be paying for another space with just as much disorganization. In order to properly move forward on your journey to organizing your garage, you will need to do an inventory of all your items and decide what will be kept and what needs to be discarded.

Assessing what you need and what you can throw away can help to save money when renting a self storage unit. For example, if you just move every single item out of your garage and into a self storage unit, then you will probably need a bigger unit than if you organize and prioritize first. Eliminating unnecessary items means you can rent a smaller unit and save money. Units on the top floor are also cheaper so if you are moving less items, you can store them there.

After you have gotten the organization out of the way, moving the items out of your garage and into self storage will be a breeze. When this is done, this is where the real fun starts and you can begin to transform your garage space into just about anything you desire. If you have small children, then a playroom would be a nice option. Once you have removed all the potentially dangerous items in the garage and placed them in self storage, then you can further child-proof the garage and let your children play to their hearts content.

If you’re more of a hobbyist, then you can transform your garage into an art studio, space for band rehearsal or use it to store item collections. You could even turn the garage into a den or an extra room. Picking out furniture and decorating for the new room in the garage can be a fun experience for the entire family.


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