Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Interesting and Wacky Finds in Self-Storage Units

People use self-storage units for a variety of things. You may have heard people talking about using self-storage units to start businesses, practice for their bands or more. With quite a few facilities having 24-hour or after-hours access and the availability of a variety of sizes, the things that can and will go on in storage spaces are quite inventive. Here are a few interesting and wacky finds that occur in self-storage spaces.

  • Money

For those people who don’t like or trust banks, it’s very easy to see the concept of stashing your money in a storage unit a likely story. More often than you realize, storage units have held hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time, all in the name of being a “safer” space, and hiding out from the IRS.

  • Expired or deceased individuals

Yes, it’s true. Sometimes people don’t want to part with their loved ones and take matters into their own hands. A truly weird storage, a family kept their grandmother – in her coffin – in a storage unit for over 17 years.

  • Tenants

It’s been done again and again. The falling economy left quite a few people homeless and forced them to have to put their items in storage. The problem is, they were also in the storage unit with their items. Self-storage units were a hot commodity for people needing a place to lay their heads. There was shelter, electricity and it’s climate-controlled. If their possessions were in the unit, they already had a bed and a sweet set-up. Battery-operated fan anyone?

  • Illegal Drugs

There are many stories where serious drug activity takes place in self-storage units. From marijuana to hard drugs like cocaine and heroin, drug dealers don’t think twice about storing their stash in a unit. The problem with that is, cops are getting very wise and if you’re being watched, it’s almost a guaranteed that they are well aware of the narcotics that may be hiding out in a self-storage unit.

  • Animals

From dogs to fish, animals have taken center stage at self-storage facilities. It takes a certain kind of person to leave animals in self-storage units as a pet store or worse. Almost every animal you can conceive has been found in one.

These are just a few wacky and weird uses for self-storage units. Self-storage units are also notorious for holding the wares of some of your favorite stars, and also for selling items that have belonged to famous actors and actresses who lost the unit due to non-payment or forgetfulness. Can you imagine the managers who check these units to find these astonishing things? If you’re thinking about investing in the world of self-storage, make sure you have protocols in place to safeguard your property from certain things – especially the illegal ones. If you don’t you’ll pay for it dearly in fines and possibly property damage. After all, it’s no secret when doing a raid, the cops take the opportunity to tear up everything in sight. Happy hunting!


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