Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Is Your Home Haunted By Clutter?

Haunted by clutter?
Haunted by clutter?

Here at LifeStorage, we are getting into the Halloween spirit. So we start to think about what haunts you in your home organization, and we have to say the one item that is probably most common is clutter. Clutter can haunt us all year round, but it can especially pile up around the holiday season. Let us help you keep the hauntings to Halloween only and get rid of the clutter before the busy holiday season starts up.

When getting rid of clutter, there are three easy steps. First, go through all your drawers and closets to see what you actually have (though you can do this one at a time). Next, go through to decide what you still need and use against everything else, which is what you’ll toss or donate. Lastly, you just need to bring your items to either your storage unit, donation center or to the trash.

To make this task less haunting for you, we have even listed three common items below that may unnecessarily been cluttering up your home.

1. Food – Go through your pantry and see any canned or boxed food that you know your family isn’t going to eat. These can be donated to a food drive, especially with the holiday season approaching.

2. Books – If you have books you know you won’t read (or won’t read again), you can donate these to your local library, sell them at a used book store, or even swap books with some friends so you can get something you’ll actually read.

3. Kids artwork – Though you want to keep all your children’s memories, you don’t have to keep every item of artwork they’ve created (or at least not in your home). Go through and either toss it or put it in your storage unit.

Once your home is less cluttered, run over to your self storage unit at LifeStorage to put any items in that you don’t want cluttering up your home, and then have a Happy Halloween!

Source: http://lifestorageblog.com/life-storage-tips/is-your-home-haunted-by-clutter/

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