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Landscapers Utilizing Self Storage

Everyone knows that landscaping is a seasonal job and the winter for landscapers is generally their down time. That is of course unless you’re a landscaper that also plows in the off season which most landscapers do! That raises a good question of what do landscapers do with their equipment such as lawn mowers, weed whackers, leaf blowers, shovels and rakes, snow plows, salting machines, snow blowers, trailers, trucks and the sort. Generally speaking landscapers normally have a base of operations where they keep all of their equipment whether it be garage space they rent or part of their personal property that they designate for the storage of their equipment or in some cases which is not uncommon to find, the local self storage facility like us here at Storage Station located at 1867 Greenwood Lake Turnpike in West Milford, NJ 07480 and 11 White Road Hewitt, NJ 07421 which has garage or unit space and outdoor parking spots which landscapers can utilize without question for their storing needs!

Let me explain a little bit about a landscaper’s job before we move further so everyone is on the same page. For landscapers there are four seasons just like the four seasons for everyone else but these four seasons include different job details which keep landscapers on the move constantly! The first season in my opinion is spring which involves a lot of spring clean up. Basically clearing away the mess that Father Winter left for us from fallen trees to leftover leaves and any debris that got caught in the snow and laid it to rest where the ice held it in place! Weed control is generally often taken advantage of in the spring to get a jump start on the prevention of the weed growth so they aren’t as pestering during the summer where weeds are free to grow out of control!  Spring clean up is always a must to start off the year for the yard or property so regular maintenance in the next season is nice and smooth!

The next season of course is the summer season which is my favorite season!! The summer season involves lots regular lawn maintenance, weed whacking when necessary and of course detailing the yard with the leaf blower! This season for landscapers generally the busier season because of the regular lawn maintenance that occurs for landscapers clients which is on a stead schedule but that does not limit landscapers from picking up all the extra jobs like building rock walls, framing and setting up gardens for clients, planting trees, flowers or bushes and really anything related to the presentation of their clients landscaping!  Summer months for landscapers can be brutal working in the sun and doing the manual labor but at least they get to work on their tan while at work!

The season following summer of course is fall and obviously this means it is time for fall clean up!! Leaf control is priority in the fall season and as the weather starts getting colder and colder it means you have to get those leaves out of the yard before it comes time for the snow!! Fall clean ups generally have a couple stages where a lot of leaves fall landscapers clean it up and right before the snow comes landscapers clean up the remainder of the leaves and debris.

Now if you don’t get the remainder of the leaves before the snow comes it makes for an even tougher spring clean up because the weight of the snow pushes the leaves into the ground making them harder to get up by the time spring comes along! So, a diligent fall clean up can save a lot of time and frustration come spring time no question about it!

Now the landscapers final season, one in which I believe I could live without is the dreaded winter season! This season is in my opinion the most unpredictable because even though the meteorologists say that it is only going to snow two inches, there is a good chance those two inches may turn into 6 inches. The winter weather is always unpredictable and landscapers always keep that in mind when they prepare for any storm! Not all landscapers plow during the winter season but I am willing to bet that a majority of them do! They already have the trucks for moving their materials around so why not throw a plow on the front of their truck, a salt hopper on the back of their truck and make some money during the cold season!!

Snow plowing really depends on Mother Nature so if she decides it is going to be a brutal winter landscapers who also do snow removal could be in for a busy winter! From plowing to salting and shoveling the snow, winter can also be a very brutal season for landscapers but to be honest when landscapers see the snow fall, the flakes can be in the shape of money signs and no matter how hard or brutal the work it is worth the labor because winter is unpredictable so when the snow falls landscapers have to get out there to earn their keep because they don’t know when the next storm will be coming!

Now that you are filled in a bit on the job details of a landscaper let us get back to the topic here, SELF STORAGE!! Now if you read this far you can only guess of where I am going here! The fact is that a lot of landscapers use the convenience of self storage units and outdoor parking spaces to store their equipment whether it is during the busy season months or during the off season months! It is quite common to find landscapers using self storage!

During the winter months landscapers often store their lawn mowers, weed whackers, leaf blowers, shovels and rakes and much more within a self storage unit. Once their machines are all winterized and ready to be laid down for the season, landscapers take all the lawn equipment out of their trailers to fill it up with their winter season equipment! Now keep in mind that in a self storage unit you are not allowed to store any hazardous materials such as gas, chemicals, oil, propane tanks and the like so, when landscapers winterize their equipment it is quite clear to them that they are not allowed to store these types of hazardous materials within their storage space!

As far as the spring, summer and fall months go landscapers take their winter equipment such as snow blowers, plows, snow shovels, salt hoppers and the like out of their trailers and replace it with their summer equipment! This is no surprise and it seems to work in a cycle year after year for landscapers that they swap their equipment out for what they will be using! I find it quite common that landscapers are looking for a reliable place to store their equipment and a self storage unit from Storage Station is a great place for them to do so!

One other thing is the trailers that landscapers town behind their landscaping trucks every day! This is where outdoor parking spaces come in quite handy for landscapers! Why not utilize an outdoor space form storage station to keep your trailer in while you’re not on the job? It is a great place to leave it, nice and close to all of your other stored equipment so everything is in one convenient location!

All and all it is quite common to find landscapers utilizing self storage units as well as outdoor spaces for their everyday or seasonal needs! So if you are a landscaper and looking for a place to store your items, don’t hesitate to call your local storage station location. I am sure we can provide you with the space you need to get the job done at the end of the day!

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