Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Missouri Self Storgage Facilty Dumps Tenant's Belongings in Trash

What could warrant a self storage facility to throw away a tenant’s items without any prior warning? Well, that’s exactly what Anthony Mora is trying to figure out after what he describes as a misunderstanding led to the contents of his self storage unit being placed into a dumpster.

Mora had rented a self storage unit from Central Self Storage in Belton, Missouri while he and his mother moved. For some reason, the maintenance crew at the self storage facility mistakenly thought his unit was abandoned and proceeded to clear the contents. Mora was then told that he could dig though the dumpster for whatever he could recover. Understandably, he voiced distress and concern that Belton Central Self Storage was not even attempting to set things right.

The unit contained several items of high personal value to Mora. The items in the unit included his grandmother’s ashes and World War II medals. Other items included a PlayStation and television sets. According to Mora, the self storage facility blamed him for neglecting to close his unit.

Central Self Storage is sticking to the argument that its employees did nothing wrong. The manager, Nate List, told KCTV5 "There was no lock on their unit, which is a requirement here when you store. So, it was just kind of an honest mistake that unfortunately happened." While Mora claims that he has been unable to find an amicable solution to the matter, Central Self Storage says it is willing to work with him to resolve it. The resolution Mora hopes for is to have everything removed from the dumpster and placed back inside his unit.

Anthony Mora’s unfortunate situation further adds to the debate about how tenants should be notified in cases when a unit is believed to have been abandoned. The new proposed lien law in South Carolina would allow self storage managers to send an email instead of putting an announcement in a newspaper when a self storage unit is about to be cleared out. One can’t help but wonder if some sort of notification system existed in Belton, that this entire unfortunate situation could have been avoided.

Source: http://usselfstoragelocator.com/blog_posts/515-missouri-self-storgage-facilty-dumps-tenant-s-belongings-in-trash

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