Saturday, June 21, 2014

Online Marketing Tips for Christmas

It’s Christmastime again and a very busy season in the world of online marketing. The self storage industry is also abuzz with preparations for deals and discounts and bracing for an influx of customers who need holiday storage. If Christmas constantly creeps up on your self storage facility then there is no need to worry. We have a few tips for the holiday season that will help you to capitalize on this busy time of year and plan better as it comes around:

Plan promotions in advance – If you will be offering special discounts on free gifts to self storage customers, then start planning for these promotions from as early as the end of October each year. This way, you can ensure that marketing messages that are being developed will match whatever you plan to do for Christmas. Remember that customers start looking for ways that they can save a few extra bucks from as early as Thanksgiving. Start making them aware of your plans so that they will already have your self storage facility in mind over the competition.

Include holiday keywords – This is great time to do an audit of your self storage website and optimize it even further. Include keywords specific to the holiday season that will help your site to show up more prominently when people are searching for various Christmas items. After all, when all the shopping and gift exchanges conclude, everyone will be in need of somewhere to store them and put away Christmas decorations. Let potential customers know that your self storage facility will be ready to handle all storage needs during Christmas by including keywords on your website to help them find you easier.

Connect online advertisements to specific landing pages – By doing so, you are giving potential self storage customers exactly what they are looking for in just a few clicks. If possible, add a Christmas theme to your self storage website as well. This quick and easy makeover can do wonder to your site during the holiday season.

Research peak times and plan for them – Do you know the times of year where your website has the most traffic? This is something that you need to figure out as soon as possible through the use of services such as Google Analytics. This can help you to ensure that your self storage website is ready to take reservations and serve the need of a high influx of customers. If there are any 404 errors on your site, then fix these in a timely manner. You wouldn’t want lots of people visiting your website only to find out that it does not function well. This could potentially lead them to explore the websites of your competitors.

If you manage to successfully navigate the busy Christmas season and undertake a successful marketing campaign, then the work begins as soon as you have concluded. Take the opportunity to revise your strategy and build even further. By the time Christmas rolls around again, you’ll be a pro at marketing your self storage business online.


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