Sunday, June 8, 2014

Organize Your Room for Holiday Wrapping.

Gift Wrapping
Gift Wrapping

If there is one time in the year where you will need your wrapping paper supplies over and over again, it’s now. So we don’t recommend putting away all your wrapping paper supplies each time and pulling them back out again, but on the other hand, you can’t leave your house a mess between wrappings. Take advantage of our five storage items that make for easy storage when making one room in your home organized for holiday wrapping.

1. Over the door hanger.  A simple over the door hanger with storage baskets and shelves can be used to organize your items while still keeping them orderly and out of sight. This is a great place to store your wrapping paper, ribbons, and gift bags, depending on where the shelves are placed.

2. Wrapping bucket. Using a bucket to put all your wrapping paper rolls will keep them together and out of the way, but you will still be able to see what you have to use. You can get a bucket at most stores and choose from what style you want to make this more personal to your home.

3. Hamper. Use a hamper to hold your wrapping paper, and you can even hang your tissue paper over the side on this one. This is helpful because you may have an extra hamper in your home that you can repurpose for this.

4. Drawers. Drawers are an easy way to put away your wrapping supplies while still keeping them in an easy to access place to make for easy wrapping often. This is a great idea to store your wrapping items all year to keep them organized.

5. Filing cabinet. Use a filing cabinet to organize flat items in your wrapping supplies like tissue paper, greeting cards, and more making it easier to find when you need it

Using these storage items will help keep you organized and speed up your holiday wrapping. Once you have finished wrapping though, consider using your self storage unit at LifeStorage to hide your gifts until you are ready to give them.

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