Friday, June 20, 2014

Pin Your Way to Organization.

Pinterest Boards
Pinterest Boards

Have you heard of social media site Pinterest? This digital pin board is a place where people can “pin” items they like, recipes they want to try, new ideas, and more. One great way to use Pinterest is to find new organizational tips for around your home and self storage unit.

You can find many different ways to organize your home on Pinterest. One of the great things you’ll find is how to repurpose old items around your home to make them work for you and your organization. Take for example your coffee creamer, like Coffee-mate. After you finish it, clean it out and take off the label, and you now have a clear container that you can use for snacks, small craft items or even small toys like legos!

They also have so many different ideas of how to organize your drawers and cabinets. You may even find new organizational tools on this site that you didn’t even know exists.  This is a great place for you to browse to gather ideas for your at home organization. We suggest you take to go through and make a Pinterest organization board to gather ideas for your home. Then go ahead and go through what you think is doable for your home and start getting to work on making your home Pin-worthy!

After you go through and organize your home from your Pinterest ideas, head over to your LifeStorage self storage unit to put some of those organizational ideas to use in your storage unit! That way the next time you need an item from your storage unit, you’ll know exactly where to find it.


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