Friday, June 20, 2014

RoboVault - How the Rich and Famous Store Their Things

Just when you think you’ve seen it all in self storage, a company comes along and gives us a whole new spin on things. RoboVault, a company in Fort Lauderdale, FL, is offering high security storage to store items such as fine art, exotic cars, antiques, jewelry, precious metals and important documents. The facility is one of the first of its kind, not only in Florida, but the United States as well.

The state-of-the-art self storage facility combines cutting-edge robotic technology and enhanced security systems to ensure that the building is virtually impenetrable to theft and can withstand a host of natural disasters, even a Category 5 hurricane. The fingerprint and retinal scanning adds to the futuristic nature of the establishment. The storage units are elevated at a minimum of 30 feet above sea level, and has smoke and carbon monoxide detection. The facility also features motion and heat detection throughout, with its fire suppression and management also being state of the art.

Staffed by a team of experienced self storage professionals, the company offers Antique Services and Fine Art services, designed to package and transport your most valuable of possessions. RoboVault also boasts that it has been endorsed as a preferred storage vendor by most of the major insurance carriers including AXA, Chartis, Chubb and Fireman's Fund.

The company has been featured in the media in various places and is touted as the place for the rich and famous to store their belongings. We’ve all seen the stories about celebrities and self storage and we’re left to wonder why most don’t choose a facility as secure as RoboVault in the first place. President of RoboVault, Susan McGregor, has a list of wealthy clients that is kept secret. The company does not reveal the names of its clients and in come cases, there are nondisclosure agreements signed.

However, the company is already being plagued by problems since it opened and filed for bankruptcy in 2012. The facility cost over $22 million to build and was unable to pay back Bank Atlantic the $20 million it borrowed. There’s no word on how much a unit in the facility costs since that seems to be propriety information. However, we’re sure that if you have to ask the price, then it’s probably out of the reach for the average individual anyway. The super rich have a place to store their belongings with no worry so they probably don’t care about the price anyway.


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