Monday, June 2, 2014

Self Storage And The American Dream

We all have visions of what the American Dream is.  A white picket fence surrounding a lush green yard, where our children are playing in the sprinkler as Bubba the bulldog chases them around barking in pure joy.  The Jeep Liberty and Toyota Camry are parked in the two car garage of the four bedroom, two story Cape, with a fire pit and patio in the back yard, where Dad is out grilling hot dogs on his new Weber grill, for everyone to enjoy in the spring time sun.  While everyone’s idea of the American Dream may be a little different, most can agree that it’s what we all strive to attain.  In the not so distant past, America was the land of “milk and honey” where anything we wanted was within our reach, and all of our dreams were at our fingers tips.  Now fast forward to today.  The American Dream is not exactly the same as it once was just a few short years ago, due to the economy, and the decline in both the housing and job markets.

It seems like only yesterday, spending the weekend on the lake in our new 16 foot Wellcraft boat was a common occurrence, and putting an in-law apartment addition above the garage for Grandma was the norm.  Today though, simply paying our bills on time has become a dream to some of us.  The boat out on the lake has given way to weekends spent at home, remembering the “good ole days”.  With the unemployment rate being what it is, whatever play money we may have had, has disappeared as quickly as it came.  Millions of Americans sit at home, hoping they get the call back from the interview they went on last week.  That interview being the only one they’ve had in six months because many of our local employers are not hiring or have even closed up shop all together.  The in-law apartment for Grandma, has now turned into Grandma taking over one of the kids bedrooms, forcing little Timmy to share his room with his younger brother.

Many Americans have been forced to make drastic decisions due to job loss and other external factors, which have altered their lives significantly.  Seeing 10 houses for sale on any given street is not uncommon, and many families have been forced to move back in with their parents or in-laws to help make ends meet.  While we here at Storage Station understand the plight of the everyday man and woman who are faced with making these decisions, just know that we are here to help in your time of need.  We understand that along with having to make these life altering changes, comes an enormous amount of stress.  The stress that comes from trying to figure out what you are going to do with all of your belongings from your old home, while you get back on your feet so to speak.  The stress that comes from making sure that your items are stored in an easily accessible and local facility, that you can get to your items if you need them.  Moves of this nature are never joyous, and ultimately, your goal is to get yourself caught up and back into a home of your own.

While we know that these stresses can be a lot for anyone to handle, we are here to make this transition as easy on your as possible.

Speaking of easy, we here at Storage Station can also assist you in the storing of your items that just won’t fit in a box.  While we have many self storage units that will can hold all of your furniture and family photos, we also offer different options for your boat, camper, trailer, and RV storage as well.  With the economy being what it is, many of you may have tried to sell some of your luxury items, like Dad’s midlife crisis muscle car or the RV you bought to enjoy cross country road trips filled with “Mom, he’s touching me.”  As many of you are already aware, the majority of people are in the same boat as you, meaning that they either don’t have the extra money to buy these things, or if they do have the expendable money, they want to go with the cheapest option possible.  So you either get no offers at all on your boat, or you get offers that are so low, you won’t accept them.  You may be broke, but you’re not crazy.  So now that you’ve got these items and your parents don’t want a 23 foot camper in their drive way, you’re going to need a place to put it.  While we offer different options in self storage unit sizes, we also offer different amenities, such as paved parking spaces, to best fit your storage needs.  As far as self storage is concerned, what could be easier than being able to keep all of your items in one place.

Everyone’s goal, as far as persons in this situation are considered, is to stay with their parents or in-laws for as short a time as possible.

One of the big advantages with storing your belongs with us, whether it be in one of our self storage units or a parking space, is that we offer month to month leasing options, meaning that you are not tying yourself into a long period lease.  That way, when you get the new job, and everything turns around, you won’t be forced to pay rent on an empty unit because you signed a year lease on the space, and took everything out of it after three months to furnish your new home or apartment.

We’ve mentioned a few reasons why storing your items with us here at Storage Station is a great option for those of us are facing the uncertainty of the future, and hopefully we’ve shown you why storing your items in one of our self storage units is a great option for you.  Change is never easy, and with all the changes that we face every day, we can all use a bit of stability to count on.  We here at Storage Station have always been, and will always be here to support our local community members.  While no one knows what the future will bring for you and your family, just know that we here at Storage Station are here to help you while you try and make that American Dream, your American Reality.

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