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Self Storage, Have It Your Way

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In today’s fast food society, we are constantly barraged with dozens of different options for everything imaginable.  Just go down the road and you’ll pass 5 different restaurants, 4 pizza parlors, 3 car washes, 2 super markets, 3 gas stations, and well you get the point.  In today’s ever changing economy, people are presented with a multitude of options dealing with everything from price, to availability, to style, to just about any other desire a consumer may have.  Everyone wants what they want, exactly how they want it, and exactly when they want it.

While many view self storage as this hum drum boring market place, there are equally as many options and possibilities when it comes to storing your items as there are ways to get your favorite burger from your favorite burger joint down the road.  Most people only know what they see on the television, which traditionally isn’t much as far as self storage facilities are concerned, and never really take the time to investigate things further.  Would it surprise you to know that you can you can actually have storage units delivered directly to your home and then picked back up when you’re done doing whatever it was you needed to in the first place?  Could you tell me the difference between a storage pod and a self storage unit?  Most probably not, but that’s why we’re here, and hopefully by the time you finish reading this article, you’ll be able to decide which storage types and options will best suit your self storage needs.

Mobile Storage Bins (Pods)
Some of you may have heard of a storage pod which is a fairly new option, but for those of you who haven’t, a storage pod is basically a container that is dropped off at a location of your choice, where you can load or unload it, and then have the container hauled off again.  This is a convenient option that allows you the time to load at your own pace, right there in your front yard, and negates the need to rent a moving truck.

While this option does have its’ upsides, there are a few other things to consider before signing up for a pod.  If you were to take a look at it from an average cost aspect, a 10 x 15 pod when rented for a year and stored at a storage site will run you at least an extra $950 over a conventional storage unit of the same size, not including the initial drop off fee.

While some will pay the extra money for the option of having it dropped off and picked up where needed, there is another drawback to a storage pod.  If you decide that you need to grab something from the storage pod, after it’s been hauled away, you really have only two options.  You’ll have to decide if you want to travel to the offsite storage facility and attempt to gain access to your bin, or you can schedule a delivery of the pod back to your home, but then you are at the mercy of the delivery schedule and the additional cost of the drop off and pick up.

Standard Stationary Units
The staple of the self storage industry, many of you have seen or used this type of self storage unit.  While the mobility of these units is pretty self explanatory, the options that come along with this method of storage are a bit more detailed.  While there are different styles and options, the proper choice for you is more personal preference and based upon what kinds of items you’ll be storing.  The two main options you have are climate and non climate controlled units.

Climate Controlled Units
A climate controlled self storage unit is a temperature regulated unit where your items are stored in an environment kept at a fairly regulated temperature.  As is the norm, units of this type are located in an enclosed building where the facility has a thermostat set to adjust the temperature in the building accordingly.  In the winter, while the exterior temperature could drop in to the single digits, the climate controlled units are all maintained at a set temperature.  Once the temperature in the building gets below a certain degree, the heat will kick on to bring the temperature up to the appropriate level.

The opposite is true in the summer.  No matter how hot it gets out side in the dog days of August, the climate controlled units will be kept at a set temperature.  The one down side to a climate controlled unit, normally, is that in order to store you items, you must enter a building even before getting to your specific unit.  The pull “up and dump” option is not available being that in order to keep the temperature properly regulated in the climate controlled building, access must be so that it is not possible for unit doors to be left open allowing for the cold or heat to circulate into the building.

The most common of self storage units, non climate controlled units, far outnumber all other unit types.  Traditionally, these are the units you see as you drive past a storage facility on the road side, most reminiscent of a building with a bunch of garage doors.  As far as ease of access, i.e. loading and unloading, this is the winner hands down.  Non climate controlled units can be pulled right up to, in most instances, and you can unload directly from your truck or car into the unit itself, no stairs or elevators to deal with.  Not only are these units beneficial as far as a loading and unloading aspect, but they can hold a multitude of items that the other options can’t offer.  Many people use these units to park cars in during the winter as well as other motor vehicles which you would be unable to get into either the climate controlled units nor the pods.

A main  difference to a non climate controlled units would have to be the temperature changes that the items in side are subject to.  Being that they are not located in the regulated buildings, the temperature inside the unit itself is completely tied to the temperature outside.  While storing your items in hot or cold may or may not affect them, again it’s a personal preference as to how you want the items to be stored.

Self storage is all about your own personal needs and wants as far as the proper type of storage unit you pick.  What works for one person’s storage needs may not necessarily be the right idea for you.  Regardless of which way you decide to store your items, we hope this article help shed a little light on the subject, and if you have any further questions, please feel free to stop into your local Storage Station to see what we have to offer and help answer any other questions you have before making your self storage decision.

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