Saturday, June 7, 2014

Simplify Your Holiday Baking

Holiday Baking
Holiday Baking

The holidays are a big time for baking, and with everything else you have to do during this time, it’s important to make sure you simplify this process as much as possible. Before you get started, make sure to plan ahead and simplify your holiday baking, and you will end up taking less time overall.

First things first, you want to decide ahead of time what cookies you make and make a list of what ingredients you need to make these. Before you start baking, whether it is the day before or the hour before, make sure you have all the ingredients and go out to get the ones you don’t have. During this time, you will want to make sure you have all other supplies as well, including pans, parchment paper, cookie cutter and any other supplies you need for these cookies at hand. If there are some item you don’t use often that you keep in your storage unit, you’ll want to get those ahead of time as well.

Once you have all your supplies and ingredients, make sure you have an order to your baking. For example, if you’re making chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies, you’ll want to start the sugar cookies first so you can let them cool while you prepare the other cookies and then you can decorate them sooner. You can pre-measure all your ingredients ahead of time so when it comes time for mixing, you have everything ready. Lastly, we suggest you leave it to the dishwasher to do all the dishes for you. After all your baking, this will be a welcome break.

Once all your holiday baking is done, you should stop into your self storage unit at LifeStorage and put all your baking supplies you don’t need often back in storage. You will want to keep your home in order to prepare for any holiday guests.


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